I am interested in America. The land, the people and culture. Not the government. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the American government and the so-called “elite.”

We must take control of our own language and dialogue and speak in our own terms. There is no sense in trying to win over those who are against us.

People are moved by their feelings, not by facts. We have the facts.

The facts indicate that our country, our nation and our heritage – yea, even Christianity – are being systematically dismantled before our eyes, recklessly and carelessly.

In protesting this, we regurgitate facts in vain efforts to regain the comfort and sanctity of our homeland, one which many of our fathers fought and died for; one which many of our mothers patiently sacrificed for, one in which we used to simply say, “Heck no, that will never happen here. This is America.”

The magnitude of this reality is so great that the great tree is going to have to fall. If you are against truth the only thing you can do is ignore it. Many in power and those who steer from controversy and sacrifice solely to increase their personal comfort are blithely acting as if this is not the land of a great Nation, wrought from blood and all manner of sacrifice. To those who are living life carelessly with this paradigm while the soul and substance of your country is being torn asunder…

if you are not with us now, you will not be with us then.

I am deeply interested in reestablishing America for Americans – for the good; for the beauty, therefore I am also deeply interested in the core causes of the radical disconnect between the heritage and mores of those “representing” the country as “leaders” (seen and unseen) and normal Americans who really pay the price for sustaining her. Given American history and heritage, the current sociopolitical situation would seem extremely unlikely – yet it exists.

That it exists is obviously indicative of adulteration, manipulation and subversion in nexuses of information and power. That these could be so immensely successful is an amazing revelation concerning human susceptibilities; it also reveals unfathomable leagues of human depravity.

Stated more simply, America’s rulers, seen and unseen, do not give a damn (and probably even despise) her and her people.

I believe that what is not impossible is, by default, possible. We haven’t even scratched the surface.

Consider taboos. There are many avenues unexplored and solutions not discussed, simply because the subject matter is taboo. Taboos are social constructs and they could be socially engineered just as well as they could organically arise from non-manipulated social engagements over time.

Could progress be made by simply ignoring the taboos? If taboos steer one clear from the truth – surely. After all, it is not impossible that the taboo could be wrong. Let’s not let a small thing like a taboo keep us from our lives, liberties and freedoms.


Note: The American nation is not one race, it is however not necessarily non-racially aware. That is what is being attempted now. If you do not have the freedom to reside in the identity of your heritage, then you certainly aren’t free. Should, say, those of German stock become oppressed, it is to be presumed that no one can speak for those of German stock like those of German stock.

The media wizards have dictated that threats to security from the traditional red-blooded American straw man are the greatest.

(excuse me: Whoa!)

The greatest threat is posed by those who will not allow people to be free, but indicates exactly which kind of life and behavior people will have, including the acceptance of certain people as more superior than others and the shedding of blood for innocent brothers at home and abroad at the whim and pleasure of the few.

Most people love the traditions of this country. Seeking a return to tradition and our common-sense heritage is not at all subversion, it is rather a matter of making people aware of how their ideas and wants have been subverted like a thief in the night yet in the open daylight. We need to affirm ourselves. We need to affirm our rights. We need to affirm our place.

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