izrali aid

If there were no jews in America then -naturally- the US government would not grant billions and billions of dollars annually to the apartheid ethnostate in the middle east.

israel gives aid money. Do you believe it? Who does it give it to?

Africa? No.

South America? No.

Who israel gives aid money to is to US political bureaucracies like the Republican and Democratic parties, the US Congress and administration, State congresses and governors, activist political organizations like the CFR, Heritage Foundation and Ford Foundation and, of course, exclusive  jewish ethnic advocacy organizations like the ADL and AIPAC.

US aid to israel comes back to the US. It is “aid” to the US political system and its politicians.

Anyone can claim that US “aid” money to israel is not coming back to the US in the form of grants to jewish activist organizations for the purpose of gerrymandering US politics, law and policy to favor jewry and israel, but it doesn’t matter where you pour the stew into the pot or where you take it out, more stew in means more stew out.

Same thing is occurring in just about every country to one extent or another.

It’s a little like when parents in denial give their bad, jaded and cynical drug addicted adult children money who in turn use it on hard drugs, wrecking society – the children can claim they are not using the grant money on drugs, but are using their own money.

Yes, of course….

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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