Must we?

Correlary the claim that the Western world, the White world, must be utterly transformed to gratify the zealous impulses of inimically foreign jews is that we could choose our own course in the realms of our ancestors’ hard-won founding, and the that the jews might strike off independently, staking their own realms, sparing us the high costs and tribulations of dealing with their obsessive, fanatical, neurotic insecurities rooted in a miasmic vision that only they feel, which is no destination, but the elimination of one; something that they nor anyone else can describe, but which is reflected in the fruits of their strivings. They yearn for the destruction of all agreeable things on the way to where they are going. They strive against nature and the natural order, against God, good, and decency. It just may be, that where they are going is right in front of us- the destruction of everything natural, orderly and decent. Their greatest secret is that their impulses are the fruits of what they are from the spiritual to the physical. It’s not like they are making a choice, however: they don’t have one. They do what they do as a consequence of what they are. It’s their true secret. And what they are is something that no non-jew could understand, because it simply is not in them. The jews claim an utter seperateness from non-jews. What they never speak of is the true nature of their spirit. They simply say, ”we are the chosen ones” and demand obeisance to their brazen caprices through thousands of obtuse nonetheless confounding (because ”gentiles” can’t fathom the motive) and cunning social, political and economic treacheries. Is anyone but me wondering if we may be better off if the jews were to persue their ambitions independently and within their own, separate, political, social and economic sphere? It would demonstrate integrity and honor on the part of jewry….it will never happen for the quite incontrovertable realities I’ve just put forth.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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