Most Dangerous Cities and Most Dangerous Thinking

“Most dangerous cities in America”

100,000 seems like a big number. 62 murders per hundred thousand in Flint, Michigan, however, translates into .062 murders per 1,000 people. That is better than 1 in 2,000.

662 robberies per 100,000 people translates into .662 per hundred. That is 1 in 161. For every 161 people walking on a downtown street one is going to report being robbed.

106 forcible rapes are reported per 100,000. That is more than 1 in 1,000. Doesn’t sound like much? Well think of it in your town. And this is only what they are choosing to report. It is well known that rapes are notoriously under-reported by victims. It is also well known that police don’t always register a crime.

Flint is the worst city for crime on this list. It is a predominately ‘black’ city.

Same for the other worst 24 cities for crime.

And the reason every one of them is a failed, burned out hellhole is because of (ready):

The white man.

Or should I say lack of the white man?

Every one of these cities were established by whites and were once thriving centers of creativity and commerce with low crime and good (and secure) lifestyles. The white man fled from black violence, chaos, disorder and grime but was prevented by the jew from mentioning the reason socioeconomically: not from shame, but by intimidation and retribution in all its varieties. So, today we have a situation where the most obvious matters, like cities full of blacks committing horrific crimes at will, are completely unacknowledged by overall society.

What is staring us in the face is black and we are -somehow- calling it white.

The reported statistics are a subset of actual murders, rapes and robberies. The actual murder, rape and robbery numbers are reduced by the number of victims (or witnesses) who actually report the crimes to police. Decades of public indifference to jaded police and frustrating bureaucracy has resulted in the fact that many murders, rapes and violent assaults are not reported. These numbers are further reduced by the police reducing the numbers for statistical reporting purposes and other motives. In the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Colin Flaherty, police routinely chalked up mass violent chimpouts as some pushing and shoving by groups of ‘youths’, even when they involved violent and larcenous acts involving hundreds of niggers or various ages. Then there is the matter of whether of not they have properly classified the crimes that they are reporting. This is done for the same reasons as not reporting the crime at all.

Do the police get rewarded when crime numbers are “up” or “down”? Is there an incentive not to report? Is compensation, increased funding or recognition at stake? Is there an incentive not to tackle dangerous cases? There is less hassle, work, danger and , statistically, the police look better. Do police lie and cheat? What if police are like everyone else? In the next layer beyond police in the justice system, the courts, we know it is common for charges to get “knocked down” or dropped. jews have tremendous over-representation in the courts. Do they have an incentive to have blacks out on the streets? It means more commerce, more drug sales, more pawn shop submissions and more assaults on white people. Among those convicted and incarcerated an early release date may be in order because of prison overcrowding. But is that the only reason? It is quite a burden on society to release murderers, rapists and muggers back into it before they have had a fitting incarceration duration. It should be a vexing choice to throw these violent criminals back on their victims.

The victims aren’t the only ones who will be reminded of this ‘negligence’. It sends a message to the criminal population as well; that is to say it sends a signal to the black population.

The forgoing described state of criminal chaos was not the case when all of these ‘black’ cities were ‘white’ cities. When they were ‘white’ cities, there was low crime and the streets were safe. There were shops and restaurants and people could move around freely day and night with very little fear of assault. Today, that possibility seems like a mirage.

It wasn’t.

The real illusions we are dealing with is, one, that blacks are the same species as whites and, two, that whites are somehow responsible for black violence, underachievement, and perfidy. Are we getting anywhere with this illusion?

No – who in the world would say that the socioeconomic situations in American ‘black cities’ are regular and healthy? I think we should just finally say it like we see it and call it black when it is black and white when it is white. That way we will hopefully avoid bearing the compass toward a mirage -an illusion- and engage in actions rooted in cold, hard black-and-white reality.

Doing anything else certainly cannot be said to make any sense. Not only that, doing anything else is absurd.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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2 Responses to Most Dangerous Cities and Most Dangerous Thinking

  1. Karen says:

    Hey, if someone ever stuck a pin in you you’d go PPPPFFFFFFFFT …all that hot air!

  2. Funny… i never approved your comment. Watch out for karen…

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