Some Observations About Town

“New England”, circa 2013:

I know of three brown males from east of the caspian sea married to good looking women of northwestern european stock. I just saw another one today in a big mercedes suv. The states, national government and corporations are doing everything they can to set these people up. They have hiring preferences, guaranteed gas station loans, biased hate crime protections and government agencies willing to bend over backwards to make these cattle worshippers feel right at home – in our home. No wonder all these beauties are going after these aloof, shit-smelling, shit-looking, brilliant doctors and programmers who come from cheap rockerfeller funded indian or pakistani university mills with hardly any vanguard discoveries while a generation or two of america was discriminated against and taxed to death. Women are very practical creatures. No wonder they’re doing this. The american nightmare is turning into the hindu and muslim dream. Got negros roaming about my town suddenly. I never saw anyone walk down main streets before this. Not enough welfare to own a car, i guess. But who needs one if you don’t work and your kids roam around and steal and rape? Watch the towns trashiness increase five-fold with the introduction of five percent of them. Watch the property values go down, test scores go down and crime go up. And watch it be our fault when the negro lives according to his capacity once again. I could point out literally hundreds of examples. Why are the places they currently reside so unfortunate anyway? Is it really the fault of Whites? (I don’t think so!) Fucking baby boomers wanted liberation and social justice so damn bad they arose up en mass to kick out regular guy Nixon for spying on the opposite political party when they weren’t having sex, doing acid, snorting coke, popping pills, doing speed, shooting heroin or getting smashed. Meantime this great generation is abiding an effin homo negro communist who is spying on everything. His only redeeming attribute is that he symbolically fulfills the nominal aspirations that these headband wearing hippies did not give an eff about anyway; the reality is that this Frank Marshall Davis Jr is a NIGHTMARE in the context of the america the hippies’ parents surely hoped to leave to their grandchildren. I am not well traveled but I am well read and I guarantee you that the only places you see this conciliation of power, wealth, culture, language and heritage to foreigners is in WHITE countries. Now it’s expression when a racist black wears an african necklace or a puerto rican or brazilian flies his flag all over, but somehow it is not okay to fly the confederate flag? There would be no one offended on their end if they just stayed at home. Why the eff are they here anyway? (Short answer: because it is better – but why?) One reason surely is that they effed up their place while we made ours into a paradise. ..well, at least our grandfathers and grandmothers did.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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