Opinion Writer Makes Official Reply to Putin Letter

It is the Washington Post and it’s owners – they being the same people who own nearly everything else and who are taking a larger and larger share of what remains – who are the actual controllers of policies and events in this country, as opposed to our elected representatives, and it is therefore so that this subtly acrimonious, broadly arrogant and utterly disingenuous “reply letter” to Putin’s jew York Times letter to the “American People” is in actuality the true official reply to Putin’s genuinely-parleyed letter to the “American People.”

The disingenuously conciliatory and sarcastic letter begins with a salutation not befitting an address to the esteemed leader of a nation state comprising 1/6 of the earth’s land area. It opens:

“Thank you so much for your letter to the American People!”

No one puts exclamation points in dignified written communications. This is obviously meant as insulting sarcasm. This Opinion Writer who conceitedly presumes to speak for “many American people” (when congratulating Putin on his English), further insinuates that Americans are in agreement with the Opinion Writer and that all “Americans” believe they are exceptional.

Even though: “Although some of us think it’s a good idea to have the U.S. military strike Syria, most of the American people agree with you that it would be a bad idea.”

However, he claims, on behalf of all “Americans,” that all “Americans” would inherently take offence to the proclamation by Putin that they are not exceptional (never mind that he has the hubris to “thank” Putin on behalf of all America and not withstanding most Americans are imbeciles). The Opinion Writer writes:

“When we say we are exceptional, what we really are saying is we are different. With few exceptions, we are all strangers to our land; our families came from all corners of the world and brought all of its colors, religions and languages. We believe this mixing, together with our free society, has produced generations of creative energy and ingenuity, from the Declaration of Independence to Facebook, from Thomas Jefferson to Miley Cyrus. There is no other country quite like that.

Americans aren’t better than others, but our American experience is unique — exceptional — and it has created the world’s most powerful economy and military, which, more often than not, has been used for good in the world. When you question American exceptionalism, you will find little support from any of us, liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, doves or hawks.”

First – did he just blend Thomas Jefferson and Miley Cyrus? A White Man and a negro? Wow.

And, a Hmong in America is more exceptional than a Hmong in Thailand simply because  in America he is different, or part of a body of different people. Seems like a thin rationale for the term “exceptional to me.

Further, how can someone be a stranger to what is theirs?

The Opinion Writer goes on to insinuate that since totally different people are occupy the same country, they are unified; that since they are different and in the same landed state, that they identify as exceptional; and that since they agree on this latter point, they agree on everything else, and so Mr. Putin’s critique of American “exceptionalist” thinking is an affront to all “Americans”. The Opinion Writer continues:

“Although some of us think it’s a good idea to have the U.S. military strike Syria, most of the American people agree with you that it would be a bad idea (President Obama, you may have heard, is on both sides of the issue.) Your arguments against attack were creative, which is why it’s such a shame that, at the very end, you kind of stepped in it. When you told us that Americans are not “exceptional” — well, that hurts all of us American people.”

This is what the Opinion Writer has left to bash Putin with, post-impasse, when the “American People” are categorically implicity or if not explicitly, loathfully sick of the jewish supremacist totalitarian war program guised as the “war on terror,” which is a critical element of their overall program of global totalitarian hegemony known as the new world order.

Though, Opinion Writer contradicts himself by writing,

“Americans aren’t better than others…When you question American exceptionalism, you will find little support from any of us, liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, doves or hawks.”

So, American aren’t better than others but if you question that they think they are and you will barely find support from anyone? Really? All these very antagonistic poitical groups are completely unified around the nation of American exceptionalism – that is what this opinion writer is really saying. Literally. I think this Opinion Writer’s opinion is off – way off. I think – no, I know – it is BS. The dogma of exceptionalism is simply a very thin cover to rationalize for uninformed people why the left and right and democrats and republicans are continually are prostituting themselves to the jews.

In the middle of the above quoted paragraph, were these lines

“but our American experience is unique — exceptional — and it has created the world’s most powerful economy and military, which, more often than not, has been used for good in the world.”

That is a bunch of hokum. It’s pure lies and pure deception. First, the definition of exceptional is augmented with that to be unique, you know – like a homosexual hmong starbuck barista. Besides it has not been all immigrants to America which have made it creative, powerful, civilized and good but it has been the white founding generations and white settling generations – that is why the rest of the world wants to come here. They have made shitholes of the place where they came from, from India to Mexico; from all of Africa to Indonesia.


Some disclosure about “Dana Milbank” that “Dana Milbank” did not explicitly disclose to readers when he said this:

“And had your ancestors not chased my ancestors out of Eastern Europe, I would not be here today, participating in the American experiment.”

What “Dana Milbank” is circuitously disclosing is that he is a jew.

He did so in the second-to-last-sentence of this audacious and arrogant propaganda hit piece.

The Opinion Writer jew in that one sentence discloses that he has not set aside any vengeful sentiments from the near- or distant past so that America, its families and troops may experience a period of peace and rest. We are left to imply that because this Opinion Writer is so concerned for the alleged gassing of Syrian civilians he is reserving the right to retain an attitude of antediluvian vengeance for the ancient offence of his tribal ancestors being chased out of Eastern Europe at some point in the murky past. Or is he talking about when Stalin began to purge the so-called Semites from Russian positions of power in the 1930’s and ’40’s? But Stalin did not persecute or “chase” them – he only purged them. It’s funny how all those millions of jew who loved communism had a problem with it once they were not controlling it.

So, anyway, undisclosed – of course! – by this Opinion Writer is mention of the enmity that would most reasonable be held against the Opinion Writer’s ancestors for their direct responsibility for the genocide of tens of millions of Eastern Europeans and for the soul-deadening experience of 90 years of communist hell that was entirely and exclusively the Russian “experiment” of the jews: the totalitarian control system, Communism.

It brings to mind the present control system in America, zionism, coincidentally run by the children and grandchildren of Eastern European communist controllers (the jews). Whereas the excuse for jewish totalitarian control under communism was that everyone would be the same, do the same and get the same, eliminating class, privilege and injustice, the excuse for jewish totalitarian control under zionism is that the kikes need to establish their own separate domain in order to be secure from atrocities like the holocaust hoax; that since the jewish people are so historically oppressed, the responsible nations of the world “must” secure the domain of their ancient homeland for them by killing off the actual descendants of that “ancient homeland,” especially since a “debt” is “owed” the jews for past oppressions by these “responsible” nations themselves.

The irony, of course, is that this is entirely -entirely- irresponsible because the reality is that the jews have actually always been the oppressors; have always been the tormentors and have always been the judges, except in times when jewish tyranny became so intolerable to host population that they were kicked out. So, undisclosed, too by the Opinion Writer is his enmity against all the countries surrounding the pariah state, like Iran and Syria itself. The Opinion Writer has a dog in this race and it is not the Syrian civilians.

I would not say so much that he and his tribe are participating in the American experiment so much as they are experimenting with America.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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