This cartoon says a lot with a little


There is this cartoon inset in this article

Psychological Coercion, Illuminati Style

at that must be seen.

A female soldier and two male soldiers are doing recon, rifles in their arms. The female soldier says, “Hope I’m not a distraction to you boys.” The male solder on her left says, “No ma’am, we’re married.”

The male soldier left of him says, “To each other.”

Some tragic, sad irony in this black humor because it sick and perverse, yea, but also true. The juxtaposition of such detatchedly blithe replies to such a common sense question by the female soldier, rooted in biology, tradition and historical expectation discloses the profound absurdity of NWO-implanted cultural ‘moral norms’ on several levels.

First, the proactive member of this military party is the female. The military and military activity are vanguard activities. They are frontier activities. They are territorial and protective activities, particularly so of the very activity the soldiers in the cartoon are accomplishing – recon. It is the female making the statement to the nonchalant, disinterested male soldiers. The male soldiers do not make the “first move.” They are not motivated. In tradition the male is the motivating force, the male is force. The female is receptive. The female receives. The female replies.

That the female soldier asks a the common sense question, “Am I a distraction to you boys?” openly presents the obvious element of sexual attraction that in a sane world would not only be present, but also a patent issue in soldiering. It is an obvious question, or at least it should be. Not only do we have a female in a male occupation. We have a female in the most male of occupations, a rugged, rough, tough and male occupation circa only a few short years ago. But, no, since the obvious question has not been asked not only as it should have but when it should have, it has to be asked in the field. It so happens that, of this happenstance recon, the males happen to be gay.

How does male soldier 1 respond to the female soldier’s common-sense query? In the wholesome way of traditional America:

“No ma’am, we’re married.”

A measure of redemption for tradition through a display of rectitude and old-fashioned, traditional propriety, at least as one may normally imply on the basis of legacy cultural norms. Male soldiers and the American military symbolically represent the last bastion of traditional American life. American soldiers are grounded and all-American. Soldiering is true, traditional, trustworthy and reliable. It is also disciplined and proper. There is something salvaged of the the bastion of American tradition when the soldier replies, “No ma’am, we’re married.”

Then, for tradition and identity however, it is all a giant fail crashing to the ground, obliterating, when male soldier 2 says, “To each other.”

This one cartoon demonstrates that a little bad is not good. It ties women in the military to homos in the military. It shows that both are in juxtaposition to tradition and common sense. It shows that the whole affair is a smorgasbord of major concessions by tradition that combine to leave nothing left of what was formerly the basis for a recon in the first instance, protecting ground, protecting territory. The territory is gone. Is the androgynous group protecting their culture? Are they protecting their people? The culture is genetically new. The female soldier has to ask the male soldiers if they are distracted. New ground.

The old expected answer was replaced by the new. Heterosexual culture is replaced by homosexual culture. Tradition, rooted in morality, is replaced by cultural engineering, rooted in amorality. As for protecting their people, the women will not find a mate among these two. The two males will not produce a baby. They all may die in the field protecting their empty, vapid non-tradition and non-culture which has no legacy on this Terra nova.

There is motivation as indicated by guns and recon activity, but there is no motivation for the past, for past ground (territory of tradition that would erstwhile be motivation for protection), or for the future (progeny). It shows the NWO up foolish and empty.

This cartoon says a lot, it should make the rounds.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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