Thousands of Problems

Have one solution. Allow no action to detract from or interfere with solving it.

It is an easy problem to conceptualize – and conceptualize solving – once you actually try to think outside the box.

The parasite is able to reside in and feed off a body because the parasite produces things which fool the body into not rejecting the parasite but on expending energy on the things the parasite puts out to distract the body’s defenses.

That thousands of problems have one solution is part of the cloaking procedure.

The cloaking procedure is to make the body not recognize the presence of the parasite sufficiently enough that the body does not reject it, even though the parasite is feeding off the body.

The parasite manufactures hundreds of proxy problems that confuse and preoccupy the body. The body fights the thousands of proxy problems and not the one parasite.

How could thousands of problems be proxies for a single one with not one of them independent or uncoordinated with the parasites activity?

Well they are independent in that the parasite puts nothing but topical energy into the manipulation of the cells of the overall body of problems.

The topical application of energy to each proxy problem by the parasite enables virtual synergy among them that ultimately incapacitates the host so that the parasite can feast on all the body’s resources until the body is incapacitated and, finally, dead.

Thousands of problems have one solution. Allow no action to detract from, or interfere, with solving it.

Else the body will destroy itself through expending flesh and energy as the parasite continues to feed; once the body is dead, the parasite will move onto another host.

While the ancillary problems do have their own energy and life, it is no sweat at all off the parasites back if you attack an auxiliary problem. That is the reason for the auxiliary problem: the parasite succeeds in fooling the host that the auxiliary problem is more pressing than the parasite itself.

And it does seem so to the body…so it attacks the auxiliary problem…

and the parasite remains.

Root out the parasite.

Apply energy to auxiliary problems to prevent them from further damaging the body; apply all excess energy to removing the parasite.

Removing the parasite is the only way to solve the disease.

There is no way to maintain the parasite and be disease free. The history of this pathology proves the point.

Of course, it is a given, that the auxiliary problems will remain while the parasite that enables them remains.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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