A Comment About the Video “Slavery and the 8 Veils”

I posted the video “Slavery and the 8 Veils” on INCOG MAN on 1/29 in the Incog’s Army Recruitment Poster Concept (rejected) post (http://incogman.net/2013/01/incogs-army-recruitment-poster-concept-rejected/comment-page-3/#comment-248315) with having only viewed the first minute and a half. That part made sense so I plopped it onto the board. It was only later on in the evening that I actually watched the video and found that it got into either very arcane or unreal subject matter.  I penned a follow up comment, which will be below, this morning to explain or explicate myself, but when I posted it, Incog’s site was having trouble. So I am posting my thoughts here.

When I say that the video had arcane or unreal subject matter, I admit that I do not know what is ultimately really real. The unseen world: does it exist? I don’t know: I can’t see it. I believe in God and Jesus Christ, but I sometimes have my reservations. You’d think that for sure if you saw how I sometimes live. It is inconsistent and lacking in faith but I know for sure that I am by far not alone in living with this conundrum. What I am sure of is that my heart -my feelings and sentiments- are in the right place and that my mind is working well. As regards the first instance, I care: I naturally have compassion for those in unfortunate circumstances. As regards the second instance, I can parse information critically, reason, come to conclusions and examine them again as well (I am capable of dispensing with dogma – except when it comes to the jews 🙂 ). Further, I have a will and I can make practical application of what I have learned by vigilance and effort even though it may go against the mental conventions and conviction of 100 million other people. Anyway, without  further adieu, I will present my follow up comment to the video-posting one.

[The video, Slavery and the 8 Veils] http://vimeo.com/39349512

My comment that didn’t go through:

I did not actually view that SLAVERY AND THE 8 VEILS video I dumped in here yesterday at 6:52 pm. It looked good after a minute and a half so I figured I would throw it in the mix.

A synopsis: It is saying that the more knowledgeable one gets the more complete the irony of existence because the unknowledgeable think the knowledgeable are insane and the knowledgeable think the unknowledgeable are so because they want to be willfully ignorant: which is insane. The ignorant are not willfully so because acquiring knowledge is as the many in little little leagues to the few in the world series and that only about 10% among the group that understands the prior level will understand the next level. The little leagues may want to play in the world series, but wanting to is not the limiting element; it is being able to.

The levels move from understanding TV renditions of reality to understanding anything beyond what it takes to keep their lives together to then understanding history, government and economics to then understanding that the resources of the world are controlled by extremely wealthy and “old” families who run the debt racket to then understanding that control is accomplished through secret societies like the illuminati, Jesuits, and freemasonry that use symbols and rituals to perpetuate arcane knowledge used to keep people in bondage to the “oldest bloodlines” one earth to then understanding that secret technology and UFO’s exist that said illuminati have access to which aid in make it extremely easy to control people to  then understanding that demons, aliens and fallen angels are real and are the controlling forces behind the secret societies and that those that understand this much have complete compassion for the rest.

The masses of people are “behind” “veils” one and two and are tools who believe the words of the visible “elite”, despite their deeds; whereas those who understand increasingly more are an increasing liability to the control bodies and, as a consequence, come up upon harder and harsher tyrannical consequences from the bodies controlling the world.

I have read about this in some essays by Victor Thorn: that our DNA has been manipulated by completely evil “annanuki,” who are aliens resident on earth. There is also some interpretations of the Gnostic Gospels of Nag Hammadi where similar conclusions are drawn…there is some notion that Jesus was actually overcoming this control for our benefit…Jesus does talk of demons and the Devil…

I don’t know about what to ultimately think. I have never personally seen a UFO. What I DO know is that the simple life of my ancestors in my American and European heritage is not allowed to be so simple, and that it is not a matter of making space for other people and their heritages on this crowded planet; but that it is demonstrably the jews (Who knows if they are controlled by demons? Does it matter?) who are engineering event for their own strange and perfidious benefit. This is demonstrated by the real current events and history that those with any thinking ability can trace to jewry in combination with the fact that a person can talk about aliens and the illuminati and their evil deeds all they wish but they cannot however talk about the evil deeds of the jews without hard consequences. So, perhaps what is real and being taken as illusory is illusory after all, at least for all practical intents and purposes. It would indicate to me that the jews, whatever things may be going on in the spiritual realms of existence, are in fact the surreptitious controllers of people and events. Examination of all of the other conspiracy theories out there -take your pick: Nazi’s, british royalty, skull and bones, freemasonry- that masses of conspiracy theorists intrepidly trumpet do not harbor hard consequences for merely disclosing the general conspiracy theory. Heck, in our libraries can usually be found a quiver of books about Nazi, royal or freemasonic conspiracy theories; the reader will however not find one about theories expostulating a jewish conspiracy. Another case in point is to consider the contrast of new age yogi David Icke lecturing in “elite”-owned Wembley Stadium whilst nationalist-traditionalist and Christian David Duke can’t even find an existence in his old home town-Methinks the jews don’t mind at all about a whole bunch of people buying into Nazi or monarchical conspiracies.

Me? I think it’s the jews.

But dare we go there?

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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2 Responses to A Comment About the Video “Slavery and the 8 Veils”

  1. Yes, beyond a doubt it’s the jews. Kevin MacDonald documents it all in his books and on his website. I sometimes wonder if those freaks who talk about reptilian aliens aren’t really talking about the jews but are just being sneaky about it.

  2. Karen says:

    AOP, I read at Incog every few days, a habit I suppose, and want to say I like your level-headed and thoughtful comments.

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