The Truth is Hard

Why is the truth hard?

The reason is lies are easy. They are a shortcut. They are a deception to gain advantage over another so that the one doing the lying does not have to take the route requiring diligence, effort and vigilance that ultimately achieve right, good, proper and well-done outcomes. It is a way for the one that does not provide effort or talent or any other quality that would cause them to succeed to have an advantage over those that would otherwise succeed because they exercise or otherwise possess the qualities that would give them a natural advantage were no lies told.

So, given the lie is a shortcut, a convenience, the truth is obviously always harder than the lie. Granted it is a human condition to want to relax versus work or desire ease versus trial, it is also then therefore a given that the truth always requires vigilance.

Without vigilance the truth disappears.

And when the truth disappears, then the real pain begins; for truth is synonymous with reality and reality must at some point come spilling through the gates.

What gates? What are these metaphorical gates allovertheplace is talking about? The gates are the lie itself. They conceal, and they weren’t there before the lie. They don’t belong there…because they aren’t even real.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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1 Response to The Truth is Hard

  1. ljebailey says:

    Great stuff,

    It’s a shame that good people are in a fit over non-sense.
    If your authenticity as a white man comes into question i have you back, because i ‘ve met you.
    I’ve never met anyone else who was involved in the pissing match a few weeks ago but i believe them to be on our level.

    The pages went into a nigger loving slide thanks to caligula, who hasn’t been around since.
    The good negro vs. the bad nigger thing is a slippery subject for some, same as good jew, bad jew.

    When the shit hits the fan we’ll see who’s good or bad but my bet is good will always outweigh the bad.

    Many of the good will be lost when it comes down to who really is what but we’ll know we stood on the right side, for that i sleep good at night.

    Give me a ringy dingy 🙂


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