This: is what is going on

There are 100,000 legal immigrants coming into America every single month and possibly as many illegals. The vast majority of these are non-European by statute. That is 2.4 million people per year, 24 million every decade, 120 million every 50 years. And this is if the government and power media is even telling the truth. (When is the last time?) And they are all having children. You can witness this in your streets, smelly gas stations and filthy motels; in every corner of this country that was once incontestably white and Christian.

The flood of humanity means that the total wealth of America – the water, land, soil, minerals, food and just plain space is divided among many, many more people which means there is less of a share for every individual. It is simple math: take America’s total endowment of assets of every variety and have them be represented by 1. Now divide those assets by any given denominator. The larger the denominator the smaller the fraction of total assets per citizen. I concede it is some of the simplest math in existence, but the simplest explanation is often the most fitting, as all people prefer to accomplish things a simple way over a complex way: which reveals at the same time how ludicrous are the convoluted paradigms proffered by controlled media and educational institutions that portray all paths to happiness, peace, and prosperity, as a rule, as contingent on some form of non-common sense approach under-girded by some convoluted conception about humanity.

The specific line of reasoning proffered as support for mass immigration of foreigners into America is that they help the economy because they do jobs that American’s “won’t do” and therefore sustain industries that would otherwise not survive. Other ideas proffered in support of mass immigration as a prosperity generator are that diverse people engage in diverse economic activities that in turn enable innovation. The stress of necessity is the mother of invention. If that were the case, Haitians would be building refrigerators and pharmaceutical factories. Regardless of the folly inherent in travelling down that wrong turn off the wrong road, a road having no sign, off that wrong road is the another where one may ask if all of this teeming foreign humanity has served displace any of the natives. Do you suppose that could be so? As one who has read economic and political topics extensively, I can tell you there are many, many similar arenas of theoretical or philosophical contention in the realms or politics, society, culture, economy and political economy where ancillary issues are portrayed as the core one, or where symptoms are portrayed as the cause.

A few examples:

Low or non-existent tariffs on third-world manufactures buoys the economy by providing less expensive goods to households and businesses. Hmm. Everything purchased must be produced; if the good is not being produced in the buying economy then the good is not supporting a job and if the good is not of higher quality than could be produced domestically there is nothing recouped against the loss.

“Diversity is strength.” Hmm. So out the window goes the concept that unity is. And I suppose 500 Haitian and 500 German factory workers could do better than 1,000 German ones.

Availability of cheap foreign labor prevents the bottom from dropping out on industry. Hmm. The capstone problem for the whole economy is that everyone that works has to pay tithes to the “Fed”, this in the form of bonds issued to pay governmental operating expenses, albeit this idea floats past conventional supply and demand theory like a phantom in the night because, last I checked, if producers need more labor they raise their wages and prices to pay for it; this doesn’t kill the quantity demanded by people, it simply reduces it; it, alas, does not kill industry, although you can trust industry to say that it will. Trust me.

The market “dictates” that the value of intangible services is more valuable than the production of tangible goods, so therefore a “service economy” is a viable and sustainable concept. Hmm. All economic activity is ultimately engaged in for the acquisition of physical goods; this means that the the desire for acquisition of physical goods is the key element of demand in an economy and labor therefore the base element of value. Yes, people buy lots of insurance and legal services but these are ultimately to secure their physical stuffs; the more expensive it is to acquire and secure physical things, the more inefficient the economy because the more it costs to obtain what one really wants from it.

Think of this: The times where this country experienced the most accelerated phases of innovation were when the country was most empty (and racially homogeneous); the times when it was most prosperous were when it did not have a “central bank” to regulate the economy and keep it out of trouble. Nay, the present fiscal condition of the country is absurdly terrible. Are we to thank the “Fed” for rescuing us from what would be far worse fiscal conditions had not their stream of technocrat-genius jew chairs not knitted their brows in grave concentration, in the midst of any given economic crisis of the hour -child of the latest jew swindle of the minute- in the congressional dog and pony show? Thanks, “Fed”, I guess. And thanks, you stuped American lowest-common-denominators for hoping against hope that these charlatans’ latest gimmicks will cause the economy to do what they said was their intention for the last gimmick to fix the last contrived crisis of six months ago. It’s like the parade of politicians who claim to want to “change” the damage wrought by the last-flavored politician. It goes like this: blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, or DRDRDRDRDR if you prefer, each one claiming to wan’t to fix their predecessors mistakes and make things more tolerable in the future. Always on the future.

Marx was a smart creature, though not as smart as wicked. He said “Religion is the opiate of the people.” Hope is the opiate of the people. But better to put your stock in Jesus than politicians that may talk about him once in a great while. The controllers think you are FOOLS. No, actually they know you are. They are more wicked than smart, but still, very smart.

The pyramid is a stable structure. Ironically the lower courses bear all the weight but they get none of the view and the higher courses bear little and get to see everything. So it is with the NWO (or more accurately JWO – there they go cloaking themselves once again)  conceptual pyramid. You would think those lower stones of the pyramid would say, “Fuck this!” and get themselves out of that damn pyramid. But out beyond the pyramid is the lonely desert. There is no pensions, or expense accounts, or car allowances, or health care, or frivolous luxury conferences, or society, however contrived, out in the desert. No those that reside in the desert are pariahs because that is what the exalted higher courses of the pyramid shout down to the lower courses. You know those higher stones can breath easier, don’t ya? They shout, don’t listen to nativism, don’t listen to racism, don’t listen to your forefathers and fore-mothers, don’t listen to your customs and traditions and don’t listen to common sense; but more, if they aren’t shouting on about these serious subjects they are shouting on and on about trivial, wasteful, juvenile, escapist, ridiculous things. Sometimes that is all there is to be heard, and therefore all that is thought to exist, after all the lower courses cannot see all that the upper ones do.

For every stone that wishes to quit bearing weight in the pyramid and go out into the freedom of the desert, regroup, and come back to the pyramid to shout out about the injustices of the higher courses towards the lower ones to the lower ones there is another stone that will pine to come off the desert floor to replace it. Evil as a construct as the pyramid is, it still has its benefits. The pyramid is, after all, organization. Through organization comes cooperation, through cooperation productivity, through productivity surplus, and through surplus survival.

Organization can mean survival, it does not always have to take the form of a pyramid however. The pyramid structure is evil. It seeks to exalt the capstone and the few courses below and denigrate and demean the lower courses. Because the upper courses retain this contempt and mendacity for the lower ones, they must of necessity cloak their identities and intentions. The upper courses do not tell the lower ones that they are considered common, uninitiated and unenlightened rabble by them; they tell them they love them. The upper courses do not tell the lower ones they are doing things contradictory to the interests of the lower courses and in their own; they tell them they are doing things for the benefit of the lower courses. Is this where “upper” class and “lower” class comes from, perhaps? But are the upper courses or a higher class than the lower courses? Not from a moral point of view. So who granted the appendage “upper class” to the the upper courses? The upper courses themselves did.

If there is anything low class about the lower courses – more than anything else – is that they buy this cheap bullshit talk by the upper courses. But maybe it is just easier. It’s too hot, too cold and too barren and lonely, yea, even unexciting out in the desert so simply buying into the belief systems, paradigms and outright lies the upper courses spew is simply just too easy compared to the just-too-hard alternative of critical thinking and action. Each stone stays to itself, “this is one big ass pyramid and it ain’t going away anytime soon, so what the heck am I going to do? I’ve still got to eat.” (just go with me on this one and pretend stones eat) The folly, of course, in all of this is to believe, accept and fall for the idea that the pyramid is only an organization and that it must necessarily have leadership and that, given all that all stones desire the glory of the higher position for the view, glory and freedom it cannot still be so; yet given this desire among all stones there will be antagonistic competition among many with one ultimately prevailing. Yeah, a tough argument to knock down. But are those upper courses simply trying to acquire glory and luxury? Nay. They are trying to destroy the essence of the lower courses; they even try to destroy elements of their native existence that could make no difference either way to the upper courses if they are exercised or not. In fact, the upper courses attack elements of the life of lower courses that would make them more content, and perhaps more cooperative, within the pyramid but which the upper courses detest so greatly they seek to destroy even these intangible voluntary elements lower courses wish to hold to.

Organization isn’t bad. Hierarchy isn’t bad. But deception and malice are, and this is why the pyramid is bad and should be rejected with all the might and power of any stone in any course of the pyramid, or any stone without the pyramid, because the capstone and courses just below are using the organization of the pyramid to destroy the lower courses. They show themselves as part of the civilized organization, they look as part of the pyramid (“there is only one race”, “everybody is equal”), which many, on sight, deem appropriate and acceptable but their most fervent wish is to be done with the contemptible lower courses and their simple, hopeful myths: forever. It would further appear the upper courses would not wish to destroy that which supports them. But the pyramid is organization and organization is needed to effectively destroy as well as to effectively create or build.

Listen to me. Drown out their siren-like lies for once! They have never told you the truth. Not once! They have never done anything truly good for you. Not once! Ah, but what am I? A stone in the desert. A stone in the desert and proud.

Is there anyone that thinks that America and Western European “democracies” (Ha Ha! 😉 ) are contemplating offensively attacking Syria and Iran for any other reason than the jews and israel want their young white service-members (in lieu of young kike ones in isreal’s military) to attack the country for them? And why? Well don’t try to answer that one in any coherent logical way. Iran, by consensus of every nuclear regulatory or spook agency I have have the opportunity to read about, does not posses even the capacity to build nuclear weapons. That is only layer 1. Layer two would be if the county who hasn’t attacked another country in 100 years would even use them to attack isreal if it did have them. Layer 3 is that we haven’t even engaged in dialogue with Iran. And the reason for that is -why bother?- the Iranians can’t talk sense to our lies. It is Germany all over again. It is a nation attempting to live independently of the clutches of the jew and all that that entails. As with Germany it means the concomitant aggression, derision, and vitriol will rain down from international jewry’s media and corrupt financial and industrial empires that they swindled from whites.

Think of any invention you can no matter what, and I just about guarantee you it was invented by a European White. Now think about any company you can no matter what, and I can just about guarantee you it is “owned” by a kike. The company may have a gentile figurehead, mind you, but the controllers on the board or the most major stockholders will more likely than not be jews. Persecuted minority my ass. They are a persecuting minority.

The kikes confederate against gentile social and business communities by pretending to support them. Then, in collusion, one or a few among them swindles money entrusted to them by the gentile community. All the other kikes act surprised and morose. The swindled money makes it’s way to other jew businesses, who are now suppliers of the businesses acquired with the swindled money that was back-channeled to other kikes by the rabbis in the synagogues. All the kikes contribute to politicians and tax-free NGO lobbying and legal activism organizations to combat anti-semitism and advance perverse political and social agendas. Kikes in the marketplaces pool their lucre and short sell remaining productive gentile businesses and then pick them up for a song. Or their press savages the company for frivolous reasons. Or their lawyers sue the companies for frivolous reasons. Or their central bank decreases or increases the money supply at a time only known to other jews. Or they lobby for strange laws and agreements in regulation and trade that no patriot would expect and bank on it. In this way the people that give nothing and do nothing, and in that without any authenticity, beauty nor moral fidelity, end up having everything that everyone else gave their blood sweat and tears for. And the kikes are not the least bit thankful, but only contemptuous. Our forefathers neglected one very real thing upon the founding of this country, they failed to provision for dealing properly with jewry. jewry is not a conceptual problem, it is a very real one. More should have heeded some of our greatest: Washington, Jefferson, Franklin.

The capstone is Rothschild. “The sign is on it’s forehead, and it is the symbol of a man.”

The courses just below are the “illuminati.” George Washington spoke about the illuminati. They are real. Look it up.

The courses below that are freemasons of the various degrees.

All of this is regulated by jewry and nothing can be explained or can possibly make sense without their direct manipulation of events, as you can talk about the illuminati or the masons without consequence, but not jewry, this is proof enough that this whole edifice is for the benefit of jewry and its goals, which are unrevealed to most all except by the accidental revelations of the protocols.

This is what is going on.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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