allovertheplace official statement on chemtrails

Dear Reader, Please note that this was alloverthplace’s reply to a comment a reader named CDP left on INCOG MAN in an unrelated thread on 5/21/12. It will serve allovertheplace’s Official Statement on chemtrails:

“CDP, agree…save for the chemtrails. I’ve never seen a crop circle so I can’t tell you, but I see chemtrails nearly every day and they are not to be confused with contrails. Let’s put it this way: at least I don’t confuse them with contrails.

I really hope you are not going to tell me I am imagining things, however. The octopus has glommed its tentacles into every institution, government and organization around the globe -we agree?- but not in this realm?

They poison cultures, societies, the earth and the food supply, but not the sky?

Guess who owns these jets?

The ones who lied to you about that last thing.

Chemtrails are spreading, skeletal, flat-hued, low-elevation, enduring, and unnatural-looking discharges that readily move and alter form with mid-atmosphere winds.

Contrails are bright, white, strictly linear, short duration, pleasant-hued jet engine discharges that do not move with the mid-atmosphere winds readily.

When the sky fills up with these contrails the daylight becomes dimmer and the hue of it flatter. I don’t recall this occurring in my childhood and youth, not because I have a faulty of selective memory but because it wasn’t actually happening. Imagine that.

I know I am perhaps among a minority who notice this. But then I am among a minority who notice a lot of obvious things. I am certainly among a minority that will openly admit to believing what the majority of others will ridicule out of fear or desire to gain a (false) sense of security.

All of Europe once believed the world was flat. All of it.

A big step toward liberation was noticing things. A bigger step, still, was admitting them.”

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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