Who Can Argue? – The short essay that was quote of the week on INCOGMAN!!

Do you notice, mefreinds, how the jews have a different composition, a different nature? When I am near them I sense this vibe: it is one of malice, weakness, cowardliness, fakeness, spite, envy, conceit and, really, all other bad human qualities wrapped up into one package. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

From my earliest encounters with kikes – now I am talking when I was just a boy – I knew that they were deceptive, treacherous, disingenuous and cunning. How did I know? Heck if I know: I just knew!

The question is, how the hell can’t the vast majority of non-jews pick up on this untoward nature that, to me, is as simple as seeing incoming weather? How is it that people can’t pick up on the political, cultural, social and economic landscape littered with hypocrisies and trace these non-sequitors to their source even?

The white fathers who founded this country, who laid down the ingenious form of government so well designed to grant freedom, security and continuance for their people, gave us warnings: they were gravely concerned about the jewish problem; yet they did not codify this concern into a constitutionally-mandated safeguard for their people. Instead universal man and universal rights held sway.

The condition of our land, society and nation at this moment in time is evidence enough that the error of the US constitution. It has, after all, failed to address reality. (It is ironic that abrogations of it in these times are entirely the wrong ones.) The presumption that all people are created equal is false. A jew does not equal a white and a white does not equal a black and a black does not equal a hispanic. They may have different strengths and weaknesses but it does not mean that one strength will fill another weakness or a strength compliment a strength.

Whites have a fantastic ability to control their impulses and blacks do not. Has the whites’ ability to control their impulses helped the blacks? Yes. Has the blacks ability to jump high and dance spastically helped the whites? No it hasn’t, because with the whole package comes low intelligence, feeble impulse control and a lack of a predilection for pursuing realms of mental achievement and discovery commensurate with not only advanced society but civilization itself. Do we not see that black bodies living in civic environs doth not make them, as we say, civil? It takes mental and physical work to maintain a civilization: and it takes willpower. The blacks lack these qualities sufficiently enough that they are a dross on civilization, i.e., higher existence itself. They belong in their place, but that place is not here because higher civilization cannot flourish with them, and with great numbers of them, it cannot survive.

And the jews? Well, for starters, they cannot be compared to the blacks, for the jews are far, far worse: for as the blacks do posses a moral faculty, however stunted, it exists in most of them to one degree or another. The jews, however, do not posses one at all. This is your answer as to how they are so effective in cloaking themselves in our societies; it is because they frame all of their positions as moral ones; whereas the real objectives are always amoral – and I mean always. Bill Gates’ vaccines are to save lives not to control or destroy them. Military support for israel is to secure peace, not destroy it. Control of the fed is to liberate systemic constraints on the economy not control it. Hollwood movies are an exercise in free speech, not mind control. Mothers in the workplace is not further wage slavery but “liberation.” The “war on terror” is not a “war of terror”. The number of incongruities is plethora and that is why, this, our once great nation, is breaking down. Everything the jew does, it does toward the end that we are destroyed: we and the values we hold whether they are in the realm of religion, morality, beauty, art, science or any other realm of interest. No matter what it is, if it is ours, they are out to destroy it.

How could such a vast conspiracy be true? some may ask. To which I ask, How could it not be?

The impulses of the founding generations resound in no avenue of the cultural or societal landscape while the impulses of the interloping jews do so in culture, commerce, art, politics and religion. They have succeeded in replacing the marrow, blood, body and breath of the true people of this country with their own demonic presence – and they have done it all in the name of universal good and decency.

Who can argue?

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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1 Response to Who Can Argue? – The short essay that was quote of the week on INCOGMAN!!

  1. Karen says:

    That comment you made over on Incogs’, something to the effect of “we will decide”, well, I almost choked on my own laughter. Who gives a shit? Idiot

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