Priorities in the jew-aware Movement


Thanks for staying normal and even-keeled. Thanks for reminding us, more than most in this movement, the motivations of our struggle are not only about what we are against, but what we are for.

The most critical virtues in the jew-truth movement are really the more subtle ones that are so often forsaken in every life challenge: a few examples being vigilance, courage and patience.

Desire, rage and general retributive motivation are not in short supply and hardly ever are in life situations.

It is the ability to regulate them that is.

There is no lack of rage, motivation, desire or even knowledge.

Some of the leading elements of leadership are self-security, normality, consistency and even temperedness. Self-security evidences patience – patience to have conclusions come to the person as opposed to the person alighting on every flashing notion. In other words, self-control.

Followers recognize in leaders the qualities of temperance they do not have a handle on.

Ultimately this comes from faith in oneself and this I think comes from faith in something greater than oneself, because surely all <i>individuals</i> must realize that things that go beyond themselves are greater than themselves.

And thanks for keeping your eye one the ball. There are divergent philosophies within the White Nationalist and Truth and Justice movements.

There is a common thread, however, to – reasoned conclusion – the WORLD’s problems: the jews. Reconciliation among factions having fundamental differences in the nature of reality is problematic enough in itself because even though there can be near agreement on the practical solution – dealing with jewry in a decided manner – there are differences of opinion on how to accomplish it and what to do afterward.

These very differences, are what are preventing the engagement of the very thing they all agree on.

Another way of putting it is, it is good for the jews.

It is for this reason, that if one faction is not disagreeing with another faction in the jew-aware realm on a <i>non-subverted</i> basis, the jew is exerting influence in some way and some form toward this very end. The goal is divergence, confusion and disunity.

In 911 truth, for example, people haggle about planes or no planes and various hypotheses of introduced outside energy; whereas: who gives a rat’s ass the towers and bldg 7 all impossibly came down, the pentagon was impossibly hit, and a galaxy of void-like inconsistencies rotate about the cohort of jews comprising the entire population of authoritative functionaries in the matrix of associated institutions that in one way or another had relationship with the event.

911 truth needs to morph into 911 justice. (We can find out what really happened at the trial.)

Likewise in the jew-aware realm there are people with all sorts of philosophical and religious orientations. How many of these might have been (or not been) originated through jew subversion, nobody knows. For instance, is the anti-religion faction one that was incepted or perhaps helped along by jewry? I don’t know. The anti-religion faction says the religious faction was created by jewry. Both sides suspect the other of being created or manipulated by jewry. It must be recognized that from both viewpoints the implicit agreement is that jewry is subverting our relationship with reality, in all likelihood, on both fronts. Therefore, people of all philosophical and religious orientations that share this common ground need to meet on it because without resolving this continuous problem in the first place, it must be apparent that all other problems will remain.

The jew truth movement needs to morph into the jew justice movement. Unlike the former, the latter will take action. (We can find out what they really did at the trials.)

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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