A Perspective on the Effective

Holy cow – am I suddenly becoming the Julian Lee (wherever the Hell he is) of Incog’s comment section for actually simply speaking my mind? It is this ‘radical’ site which is about the only place I am free to explicate common-sense matters! I have a very, very valid point and that is the white nationalists and/or supremacists should go after the jew almost solely. Everything else is just burning rubber…and that is wasting energy. One target is easier than 50, 500, or 5,000. The jews go after one target: White people. They make convenient alliances with the rest, even as they try to harm and use them too with their in-reality destructive donations to contrived causes using swindled money. Case in point: how are blacks helped by actually being helpless? Without welfare they are screwed because they are not self-sufficient.

Do the jews even make unholy alliances with Muslims? Ever listen to Al Jazeera? It parrots City of London/IMF talking points better than CNNFOX. Muslims are as manipulated as anyone else. They are on equal footing in the worthless goy category. I wish I didn’t have to have this conversation, friends, but we have to work within the framework we are actually in.

Everyone knows the jews don’t love them no matter who they are. It is the cultivation of the idea that the jews are everywhere, through their alliance-making, that is a great contributor to the notion that they are invincible. By going after jews cardinally, facts in hand, the focus, the resolution becomes clearer. The concerted focus makes dealing with the matter conceivably manageable. In physics the force of something is the product of the energy (velocity) and the size of the area to which it is applied.

Which is a better object with which to puncture something, a pyramid or a block?

Also, which arrow hits the mark, one drawn with focus and concentration or a hundred shot broadcast?

An arrow shot is an arrow returned.

The principalities of the world are made up of allies, neutrals and enemies. Do you not think that the jews running our foreign policy know their program is making America the enemy of the rest of human kind? Same thing with putting a white face on all the crimes in-country. Would it not be wiser to step away from the jew and claim that we have nothing to do with them, that we are in opposition to them, that we have been fooled? Indeed, that everybody is being fooled? The jews have enough crimes to make all humanity want to be rid of them. Why not accept the help?

We are at a crux.

The jews did 911. Do white nationalists want to put off 911 truthers inordinately due to extra-overt generalized opprobrium toward other groups, that have included among them what happen to be some non-white patriots, besides the perpetuators?

The jews control the federal reserve “Ponzi” [yeah, right] scheme. Do white nationalists want to put off Wall Street truthers inordinately due to extra-overt generalized opprobrium toward other groups, that have included among them what happen to be some non-white patriots, besides the perpetuators?

The jews control the filthy “msm”, with it’s garbage programming and complete adulteration of current events and history.  Do white nationalists want to put off media truthers inordinately due to extra-overt generalized opprobrium toward other groups, that have included among them what happen to be some non-white patriots, besides the perpetuators?

The jews are the cause of nearly all the wars and genocides in the last couple of centuries and a great deal of them in the preceding ones.  Do white nationalists want to put off people turning on to historical revisionism inordinately due to extra-overt generalized opprobrium toward other groups, that have included among them what happen to be some non-white patriots, besides the perpetuators?

The jews insult God and Christianity in “Israel” and round the world; they insult, abuse and negate native-borne custom, including the most cherished, like motherhood and family, all around the world.  Do white nationalists want to put off people fed up with the assault on common sense and decency inordinately due to extra-overt generalized opprobrium toward other groups, that have included among them what happen to be some non-white patriots, besides the perpetuators?

The jews practice abominable witchcrafts and strange and weird rituals that have run the gamut from mass killings and serial murders to a long record of gentile sacrifice, especially child sacrifice. Do white nationalists want to put off those that are beginning to know of the jew well enough to believe it is really true inordinately due to extra-overt generalized opprobrium toward other groups, that have included among them what happen to be some non-white patriots, besides the perpetuators?

White nationalists and whites in general are not the only ones who are becoming increasingly aware of the encyclopedic catalogue of truly sick jewish crimes.

It does not mean we do not confront terrors, infractions, crimes abuses by non-whites currently residing in these United States – of course friggin’ not. We should boldly do so. (If I posted Incog’s “Two More Knoxville Animals Running Free,” I would nuance it thusly: I would blame the jew even for the nigger’s [those were niggers, and worse] crimes -but of course the nigger savages too- because it is a good deal true it is the jew’s fault anyway)

We should stand up for our ourselves. We should be positive and head-high affirmative about our racial, cultural and traditional heritage. But a generalized message of insulting, acrimonious vitriol to other races that happen to already be here at this time will be entirely unproductive, I think. The reason I think so is that we have gone down that road. Did not a bunch of groups and movements address the symptoms more than the cause out of fear of directly confronting the jews fail? And do they not get fooled every time? Are any that are not currently getting anywhere now? There are hundred of groups skirting the edges. And indeed, if other-than-jew-directed confrontational groups weren’t in force enough, the jews have faked this opposition -thousands of times- if it wasn’t there! Believe me, the jews fear the lack of willingness of people not to battle the jews’ proxy enemies. The proxy is their control. (Each side is a valve. They just turn a lever.) If we are not going after someone else…we are going after them! This is where wars and contentions are not only an instruments of goy destruction but also instruments of goy distraction.

Indeed, the jews are so sly they will actually use the momentum of anti-semitism to, say, ram a traitorous snake into office (a snake which is secretively pro-jew).

The villainous jews have enemies. So, they require greater villians than themselves. They of course do not exist, so they must be created, contrived. Go ahead, be “bad.”

And I am sorry, white supremacists, as inherently wrong and evil as niggers, chinks, japs, wetbacks and sand niggers may be, they will still make an enemy out of the inherently good and pure white man who is attacking him.

Which is a bigger, more effective movement having greater momentum, 9/11 truth or the white supremacist one? The jews are behind 911 – all it takes if for everyone to awaken to that reality and the jews are finished.

Which is a bigger, more effective movement having greater momentum, OWS or the white supremacist one? The jews are behind the fed and the foreclosures of millions of homes – all it takes if for everyone to awaken to that reality and the jews are finished.

Now, how not advocating or exercising concepts of strictly pure-white nationalism plays with white solidarity and unity comes into question. If all other races are not acceptable, then the cohesion of whites becomes a phalanx. I do agree that exclusion of all other races in the concept of the nation (and nation-state) accomplishes this. But it also requires dogma, a concomitant to inflexible and foolish reactions.

Look at this progression:

WWI – England rushes into war with German brothers. Real cause: the usual suspects.

WWII – England rushes into war with German German brothers: Real cause: same!

That progression is not progress! (Eh?)

And I know it was some hasbara that brought a salient matter up in Incog a few days ago, Which is, where do you draw the line between what is acceptable and who is acceptable in the white fold? Is it southern and eastern Europeans that are out? Is it Orthodox and/or Catholic? Is it WASPS?? Recall that the Irish, Italians and Poles were in disfavor with the Native Anglo-Saxons when they came in waves before and during the turn of the 1900’s. They weren’t “Americans”. They and their brand of Christianity weren’t acceptable. But now, lo, as the Anglo-Saxon and Scottish original founders and colonists dwindle into ever more rarified numbers we have witnessed an embrace of the “European-American Man,” by the white-aware community. The integration has largely succeeded because the distinctions of religion and race blurred and socially de-emphasized (not without the help of social engineering, admittedly) because, well, we are all white and we are all Christian. To admit this is okay for an old stock American is to sort of say the pre-mass-other-European-immigration state of affairs wasn’t. When our values shift for other than internal reasons, we are hypocrites.

By the same token, it does not make sense, in my opinion, to foist unwarranted opprobrium on non-white races that were introduced here via deceptive political manipulations specifically that we might demonstrate antagonism against them instead of the meddling jews.

Who’s fault is it really? It is the jews.

Does the reader know there are Chinese and Japanese and -yes- even black rednecks? (I have seen it with my own eyes) Do you know there are millions of immigrants who know of nothing else but America and who are quite patriotic? These people have taken on the White American experiential identity. They are here. What are you going to do, make them an enemy when they could at least be neutral in the battle between jewry and whites? You don’t have to love them, but why provoke unnecessary, impractical confrontation when you and I know it isn’t even the source of the problem?

Attacking what is not the core problem cannot be the solution to the core problem. Not right now. I remind you, reader, they are here so that we might go after them instead of the jew.

I personally do not have a great, big problem with strongly-Americanized non-Whites, though I admit I sure would like to see more of my kind running around like they used to. I have a very big problem with the creatures that brought them here unasked though. The non-whites should have a very big problem, as well, with the fact that it is actually the jews who brought them here for nefarious purposes and who have exacted a terrible tyranny on whatever the heck lands they came from.

Hasbarats come in the Incogland comment section all the time and are like, ‘nigger’ this, ‘chink’ that, and ‘wetback’ the other thing (and sharia law, terrorist and jihad) all the time, just like the michael savage, the jew, who is taking heat off you-know-who by directing concern towards problem #8, 9 or 10-thousand instead of problem number one. The only problem that is a source of all other problems with America (and indeed the entire rest of the world. Do I exaggerate?)

There have been times I have surfed Incog’s comment section and was positive everyone was a hasbarat. I have fluctuated between believing Incog was controlled opposition more than once. (I am now convinced he isn’t) For those that may have their suspicions about me or anyone else -I know the feeling. It is destabilizing and therefore frustrating and therefore upsetting. I don’t think that some of the commenters who maintain a strict white supremacist or nationalist stance are hasbara, but who among us two ought to have more of a suspicion the other may be a hasbara when I am advocating for a strategic approach that has not experienced overt failure like the overtly/strictly white nationalist and/or supremacist movements that focused on niggers and spics to an equal or greater extent than the jews. We are in deep, dangerous, murky, waters right now. It is an emergency. These mofos want to start world war III. And some of us and our children may be fighting in it. An ironclad alliance to principles of conduct and action among patriots aimed at thwarting the common threat is my concept of an American Alliance. Alliances form to harness a force that is capable of defeating an opposing force that each seperately is less likely to prevail against without cooperation.

Where I live, even in a white town, the Yankee blood has all but disappeared (well close enough for my tastes anyway, 10 – 15%). Those that are left are a dwindling minority in the New England they founded. They are distributed. They are fractured. They don’t have a voice. They don’t have unified power or representation. They tiptoe around trying not to offend anyone. I am just telling you the facts, reader. Disregard or ignore them if you wish. I don’t know how it is where some of you live. It may be a little or a lot different from where I live, but here the jew has put his stamp of supreme victory on display with authority. I know it is this way in Washington DC. Cocky white racial supremacism would get swept under the rug around where I live faster than a fleeing flea by whites themselves out of fear of the consequences. In the currently as-constructed zeitgeist the menu of paradigms from which to select a response are already ones that are stage managed by jewry; and the chief reason they are that is because they offered a jewry-manipulatable proxy-handle and didn’t go after jewry strictly, straightly and directly.

The jews are victims of the holohoax and use that to justify “retribution” and crimes that get overlooked by ambivalence or corruption, mostly against whites. We are the real victims. If we are as righteous, fair and evenhanded as we can possibly be where circumstances allow, as we stand up for ourselves and real justice, maintaining the nobleness and dignity of our race proudly and boldly as any nation might while leading-after the great evil jews’ hydra-head, then great whites will have not just anger and soreness but righteous wrath. We will not also have a comet’s tail of enemies the jew will try bring along as we escalate our response to their attack on us. We may even have some followers. At the very least we should not have bitter enemies. But if we take the high road and do this for all that is good and decent, in courage wrought in truth and service, who can oppose us? By exemplifying courage, nobility and true leadership it will not only cause some of our erstwhile enemies to follow us in the endeavor but it will split, confuse and throw off any remaining enemies that are foolish enough not to have taken the patriotic, nationalist side. The right side. Lest we forget, it was our fathers who built and founded this country. Why the hell are jews leading these wars and telling everyone what to do and think? If we lead against the jews, the jews perfidy comes into clearer focus, as will the choice to side with native nationalists or foreign scheming, meddling jews.


About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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2 Responses to A Perspective on the Effective

  1. Karen says:

    You are so right. So well expressed that there’s nothing to add.

  2. Flanders says:

    Keep up your good work, All Over The Place.

    “It is becoming painfully obvious, despite propaganda to the contrary, that the ones assigned to save us…will be us. Accepting this reality will be painful enough in itself for some, although shouldering the responsibility of action is immeasurably more trying. But it is also immeasurably more rewarding. Yet the strength will come from some quarter, just as it did for our forefathers. They left us that.” – All Over The Place

    When some of the clutter is cleared away, that which is American will shine through. The authors of confusion will be revealed – before being banished or tried and punished for their treason. White people will realize that what they almost gave away was more precious than any devious humanitarian vision which is floated by the jew – their own resources, liberties and the hopes of the general advancement for all of mankind.

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