Another New Pressing Issue is Before Us (Taking up Energy and Time), Again

Another division for whites is Christian/Non-Christian now? When will it ever end? Here I was thinking we were focusing on the *JEW* in Incog’s forum.

REMINDER, folks, the game is Infiltrate, Subvert, Divide, and CONQUER.


INFILTRATE by pretending to be who they are not – and for what they are against

SUBVERT – by misleading, misdirecting, debasing, perverting, sabotaging, undermining, upsetting, debouching and corrupting they cause the initial [jew] problem to approach, apprehend, indict, judge and punish to morph into something else and in so doing cause the subject group to BECOME something else itself.

DIVIDE – by capitalizing on subversion through leading subverted subjects into a contrived solution by cultivating hope against catastrophe – itself cultivated by the swindlers scheming in the now opposing camp – that culminates in a hardened identity to pair with the cause.

[NOTE: it is here that the jew grand conspiracy is defended because it can be claimed, prima-facie, that, lo, there are jews on the left and jews on the right and that they oppose one another/they are not working in concert – you whacko conspiracy theorists! Democrat/Republican, Tea Party/Green Party, etc/etc. Works to fool idiots; works enough to excise the timid; works as a cop out excuse for the fearful]

CONQUER – by generating further diversions that are articulated as catastrophe (and which benefit the jews) for both camps – new wars, obamacare, gun confiscation, rescinding welfare, you name it – and then using the urgency of the emergency to become a requirement for action by camps because of the necessity of fulfilling the psychological requirements of the identity and zeitgeist as cultivated.

Quite a (horrendous) M.O. and it, believe it or not, actually works. How? Well they keep themselves on scene, can opener in hand, ready, lying in wait, at stage 1, to INFILTRATE opposition.

The reason the demon’s can of worms never gets opened is because the precursor to stage 1, DISCOVERY, is not allowed by human beings.

Do you know, more specifically, what that is? DISCOVERY of the JEW. DISCOVERY of the JEWISH CONSPIRACY. In other words DISCOVERY of the jew sets in motion the M.O. ISDC (Infiltration, etc.) retaliation.

That is why ANTI-SEMITISM is an isolated conceptualization in the sphere of *human* social relations; a special case >>>> because so are the jews! ANTI-SEMITISM is a unique parallel social social-justice and -consequence body of concepts that must go with the also-unique psychotic behaviors and sociopathic actions perpetuated by the jews that is truly anathema to all all things good, clean, pure, truthful, glorious and honorable. (The TRUTH shall set you FREE >> Can’t have that.)

It is the pairing of one exception-alism with another.

A defense construct of simple racism, which is in itself cultivated as line of defense number 1, does not work in a strict sense for jews because of the exceptional nature of jewish crimes against God, nature, the natural order and ALL humanity. The construct is undergirded by such bullcrap as CHOSEN PEOPLE on the one side and the HOLOCAUST on the other. In the end what appears a simple determination that these rats/cockroaches/slime/snakes are indeed what they seem is routed through the complex rigged concept contraption where – guess what?- the jew always comes out on top or gets away for the reason they are the ones continually meddle, manipulate, contravene and corrupt matters to achieve the predetermined conclusion.


This is rabbinical, Morningside Heights (ick, gross!) sort of stuff. There are a lot more Talmudic/Cabalistic/Protocolic schemes besides this one can deduce. The protesters ought really to be in Brooklyn, NY, the center of rabbinical scheming in the United States. The OWS protests would succeed in its goals if the movement were to become OMH. But, alas, the jew problem does not exist!

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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2 Responses to Another New Pressing Issue is Before Us (Taking up Energy and Time), Again

  1. WHITEMAN says:

    Read the Gospel of John, Chapter 8 if you want to get the low down on who the Jews really are and what Jesus really thinks of them.

  2. Barney says:

    So I’m not the only one who thinks this endless religious squabbling is counter-productive.

    Religion is a personal thing. No two people can genuinely believe exactly the same thing, which is why nobody can honestly accept every word of any particular dogma.

    White People don’t waste time arguing over how many angels/devils can dance on the head of a pin. Whiggers might, but genuine White People respect each other’s beliefs, agreeing to disagree.

    We need to UNITE against the enemy of God and Man, not try to condemn each other to an eternity of hell-fire and damnation. That’s where the jews belong.

    Incog posts good stuff, which is why I still read there, but even without the corrupting influence of the jew troll jew-lying lee, all this bickering in the comments section drives people away and discredits the movement as a whole.

    It’s much better at Hofflandia (not my site, but click on my name) where jew tactics aren’t tolerated.

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