The unique approach (and terrible motivations) of the “jews”

The mind controls the body. All other races in attempting to control minds (for whatever purpose) attempt first to control the body. The jews attempt to control minds first so that they might control the body. They are capable of doing this because they completely lack conscience and altruism and have a seething, though unwarranted, vendetta against the fairer (in mind) races, which are ALL races besides the “jewish.”

With the “jews,” all things are manipulated to wind up opposite of what they would otherwise naturally be. Falsehood is truth. Good is bad. Dirty is clean. Right is wrong. The reason? Because they themselves are false, bad, dirty and wrong; thus they succeed in the contrived environment – an environment in which more enlightened species cannot operate as effectively as they, that is, if those more enlighted species can even contemplate that the grand deception is occurring at all.

The studied and informed can seem to accept that black dunk better than whites, gypsies are nomads and that Eskimos do better in the subarctic than Pygmies (and that Pygmies do better in the rainforest than the Eskmos). The studied and informed also can acknowledge there is highly concerted group behavior (-conspiracies!-) among animal species (such as ants, wolves and Nazis) but not among what they mistakenly believe is “jewry.”

Howso? because they, though believing they have independent thinking capacities in a free realm of ideas, actually have preconditioned and delimited thought capabilities in a tyrannical realm of ideas – a realm that is constantly besieged an manipulated by the aforementioned “jews.” Ironic. Tragic.


About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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