Thoughts on Christianity and the Nation

Christianity means moral courage, power, unity and continuity for people and the realm. It was 99 Christian realms in Europe that expelled the jews. They accomplished it in the unity and morality of the Christian church. Abraham Foxman calls Christianity an anti-Semetic religion. He is right to want to be rid of it, as a demon. Same with the atheists.

A record like 99 expulsions is not going to come from atheism, a void. I am going to suppose atheism is jew invention in the first place.

Think, if we are going to excise Christianity from Western culture it would be quite an operation; perhaps one that would kill the patient. Hmm.

Christianity and national coherence are declining hand and hand in Europe. The declines are related to one another or are they not?

If a jew were going to jump into the fray here and sidetrack the anti-“Semetic” movement’s vitality, that is, its hopefulness, then I suppose it would attack Christianity, just as has every other jew does or has done, either overtly or covertly, directly or indirectly. The reduction in vitality would come from confusion and division, as well as from the absence of hope from the loss of Christianity itself.

We, I hope however, do not want to retain Christianity and Christ for their mechanical usefulness in overcoming the tyranny of wicked beings; we want to continue in it because it is life itself. Christianity equals life. And anti-Christianity -jewry- equals death.

And does anyone think death/anti-Christianity is going to walk around wearing it’s own frock? No, it’ll call itself atheism, communism, equality, fairness and any other cloak of assumedly “good” intention.

Who is it we know of that does not call itself by its own name or who even denies its own existence?

So if we make the wise choice and retain our Christian heritage, how do we approach the jew problem in that context? I am not so sure there is a conflict where all the scripture that is in the Bible is acknowledged.

It is written: “One will either love the one and hate  the other, else he will despise the one and cling  to the other.” The foregoing is a logical proposition: an either, or statement.

The term “hate” appears many times in the Bible and it most frequently preceded by the term “The Lord.” Yea, the Lord hateth the wicked and he hateth iniquity. These acknowledgements of hate are not often discussed in the pews.

But there it is in scripture, so please do not go around thinking the Lord is solely all about love.

Who is it out there that is telling you to love everyone and forgive everyone? That it will all work out with faith (when faith without works is dead)?

-Yes- Jesus said to love and forgive even your enemies, but that is perhaps and somewhat so you may be forgiven for your own sin of following the wicked, fighting in their wars, going along with their lies, using their drugs, abusing their alcohol, watching their pornography and their propaganda in comfortable and uneasy denial of reality. Judge not that you may not be judged, I suppose.

Discernment, love of knowledge and wisdom, proper judgment and the right application of wrath and justice are elements of moral existence insisted upon by God, Christ and the prophets.

In our time swindlers who steal millions, causing the immediate denigration of thousands of American lives and who in turn recycle the stolen funds into the further destruction of thousands of American lives via political and social manipulation are let off far, far more easily than the victim American who is destroyed from hopelessness, desperation, and lack of options.

There are two sets of justice: one for those who wear suits and one for those that wear jeans, and it is not right. Those two sets of justice are enabled by our fear; that is, our lack of courage, perhaps our lack of Christian courage.

Loving, forgiving and praying for your enemies, recall, will heap coals of fire on their heads!

So, again, scripture shows that God does not not continually possess that universal love and forgiveness trumpeted in “new age” commentary. It shows God even being vindictive. It shows that the forgiveness of the transgressions is for the forgiver. Perhaps the dictate to love and forgive your enemies is the “works” part of the faith/works equivalence, even though one will love the one and hate the other. Can another way be found to reconcile loving the one and hating the other and that faith without works is dead? The works must be something, and I will inject that they cannot be evil.

Will anyone claim to be capable of loving a being that would stick a molten sword down your baby’s throat? The loving and forgiving “works” would be to perhaps put them behind iron bars but not to let them continue on to the other baby (judgment), because “those that live by the sword die by the sword.” Again- the forgiveness is for your salvation as much. Jesus was not nice with the Rabbis but very cutting and harsh. He called them wicked and evil. He told them the game was up. But he yet withheld the sword. (Whereupon if he would have killed a few of these wicked people, he may have saved the lives of many an innocent babe.)

I wonder here how well we will be forgiven for mocking the Lord by judging the extremely wicked lightly and the merely bad severely under our laws of men?

-And what else is telling you to forgive everyone?

Certainly the jews are sponsors of elements of reformed Christian doctrine (“Christian” Zionism, Vatican II), the promulgation of “new age” trumpery, and the unyielding normalization of such pagan religions as Hinduism and Buddhism. The promulgation of philosophical thinking that love and forgiveness without conditions would be sponsored by the jews, as they retain for themselves and practice pre-determination, segregation and double standards. In other words, the wicked are espousing equal judgment among men of the merely bad (many of us) and the wicked (themselves) even though they do not believe in it nor practice it among themselves and between themselves and so-called “Gentiles.” If justice were even that evenly-applied at present we would be in a better position. It is all an attempt to remove healthy “hate” and discernment from judgment so that their rule is unobstructed.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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1 Response to Thoughts on Christianity and the Nation

  1. Karen says:

    Great article. I agree with your supposition that atheism is a jew invention. Our spirituality is what elevates us. Without it we risk becoming grovelling materialistic beasts, ideal subjects for a jew/communist world. But religous belief is subjective, what works for one individual may not work for another. I think that if we force our personal beliefs onto those we want to influence we alienate them. For example alot of New Agers are very jew wise and could become allies but start quoting scripture and they back off. I’m not knocking Christianity but reallly believe that in this battle its wise to play down personal religous beliefs

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