Jews as Neanderthals

Yesterday I read Willis Carto’s Barnes Review article Revenge of the Neanderthals (May/June 2010). What an interesting read. For some time I have come to the conclusion that there is something FUNDAMENTALLY different about the jews (unique would be the wrong word, reader, by the way). Unlike all other people they have an assembly of social and personal characteristics that are fundamentally different than those of any other people on the planet. Yes other people, as a consequence of existence, do the same things as jews do but the difference is only superficial when one comes to grip with the impulse that drives the jew.

One group may commit genocide against another or steal from another, but among the jews we see this again and again and again; in fact, and this is something which is a unique aspect of the jews in itself, the mendacious behavior toward other peoples is a constant. The jews are constantly promoting wars, constantly promoting genocides, constantly swindling, constantly undermining social and moral values, constantly promoting jewish causes against general well-being, constantly assassinating, constantly spying and constantly muddling vital issues and conflating non-jewish interests with their own.

One would infer that if jewish aspirations were in alignment with other peoples around the world then 1) there would be no unique resentment and rejection of the jews and 2) the jews would not actively practice continual subterfuge, treachery and deceit with levers of power, such as the media, they nearly always gain hold of wherever they reside (or even don’t reside). In short, they have proven themselves to be far removed from the rest of humanity (whether they are, we will get to). This is something they themselves wholly and enthusiastically admit even while they sponsor the broadcasting of philosophies such as egalitarianism, secular humanism and genetic equivalence as so-obviously acceptable thought foundations for non-jews. What is for us is not for them and what is for them is not for us. The thing is these thought foundations that plough at various depths into the moral sea are promulgated as being universal; whereas in practice, quite obviously, there is one set of standards for the moral and ethical behavior for jews and another set for non-jews. This stasis is promulgated through the jews’ control of the media; moral expectational lapses of the non-jews are highlighted and those of jews (or their proxies) are hidden, downplayed or excused (say, because the stress of the “holocaust” or “anti-semitism”).

Non-jews are left with the ironic situation, the cognitive dissonance, of “having” to live among people whom are quite clearly anti-gentile, anti-gentile-religion and anti-gentile-morals. jews get away with moral and ethical transgressions all the time yet at the same time they castigate the rest of humanity for their transgressions, which so often are far less major than those of the jews. In other words, the jews can swindle trillions, kill millions and destroy the life out of the heritages of half the world while at the same time telling the afflicted that it is the most feasible avenue to progress; that it is right; that it is in our best interests; and finally that we deserve it. What kind of a moral fiber does it take to be a mass swindler, killer and cultural destroyer? It is beyond the ken of this writer to fathom this, however, by inference, by induction, claims of the jews of being a master race or chosen people aside, their aspirations and their manifest legacies to the societies with which they reside in or deal with leave no other reasonable conclusion than that, as a body, the jews are evil from the moral or religious perspective; from the secular or atheistic perspective they are simply different – way different.


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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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