S. Hardy (and all):

I agree the solidarity among whites needs to get much more solid. It is the olfactory quality that was silently fiddled with to get us where we are now. Our trial by fire however has not been without some growth. I am not necessarily attracted to the smug racialism of people who are over and overtly proud purely because of race. Humility is a virtue and pride precedeth the fall. Race does not mean you are right and methinks those people who think they are better are worse. In taking a page from the jew, I do not want to become the jew, and at any rate, I think it is a weakness – called vanity – that the jew has been able to exploit. Not that the jew isn’t vain, but he isn’t vain about his righteousness.

While I am proud of my race and heritage, I would like to be so for a REAL reason – especially here and now. Luckily, I do have a reason; I am inspired the most by those brave and rugged adventurers and heroes who have endeavored to accomplish big things against long odds and the lowest orders of humanity. There is, in my opinion, a spirit, a strain, in great people that resides heavily in the white race: intrepidness, bravery, integrity, vigilance, intelligence, spirit, and yes, generosity. The substance of the great qualities of men is such that as soon as you try to exclusively claim it, it is no longer yours; so, admittedly, the substance is transcendent. This isn’t necessarily metaphysical gobbledygook. Take generosity for example. How can one BE generous and not share? The jew shares with other jews, but is the jew generous? The opposite of generous is selfish. You know what happens to those people, don’t you? They wind up where the jew is going to wind up.

Perhaps somewhere more to the middle is where wisdom resides, allowing people what they deserve and allowing yourself what you do. One cannot at once be a giver and a taker. And giving is greater than receiving. The giver of wholeheartedly given gifts gets back again, as well. Giving up the nation is out of the question for us, of course, but it hasn’t been for many of our race that have more directly been able to do something about it. And if they haven’t, the may have said to themselves there was nothing they could do. If that is the case they chose personal security over the great attributes whites are supposedly supposed to have. So how great are they? That means White not equal to Great in these instances. They are like any sellout to their people anywhere in the world – like “leaders” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Canada, Columbia…

None of the greater qualities resides solely in the white race and, indeed, it is oft absent in many of its members. The point is that I am for these things even before I am for my race because were I to do otherwise, I may find myself standing against these things, and these things stand. Notice how they don’t go away? It is like Lincoln said, pray not that God is on our side but that we are on God’s side. Fairness and other fair things are either relative or they aren’t, and if they are relative, then they aren’t principles. That said, the development of these very great things within us is entirely dependent on proper cultivation in a morally upright, supportive, secure and peaceful society and culture. We do have to have that first. To be able to fight, you have to be able to stand.

Even though we must utterly defend against the jew, to do that while disregarding principles I would have to, very ironically, become like the jew. But the jew – the jew has proven – cannot be out-jewed. I wouldn’t want to overtake the jew on this score, either. The jew is disgusting. We must basically do our best in all quarters. If we had done this all along we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

The white races display a greater part of the honorable behavior to be found in the world (not that I agree with it on a large scale, but for instance whites adopt by far more children of other races than the other way around), it is an easy choice for me to adhere to these higher principles and also support a healthy leading white majority in native white countries. This is, after all, what we fought and worked for. It is where we belong.

Given that the jew has caused the immigration of countless millions of people in our countries – all for quite the opposite of stated reasons, I know – it is expedient that we ally with patriots and men of grit not of white blood, or of some white blood, in the knowledge that, for one, they are the other side of the tool meant to self-destruct when the time is right (we being the other) and, for two, there are some who are very willing brothers in the fight against the jew – more willing than many white pansies. I would trade a Cynthia McKinney, as a random example, for a George Bush.

Let’s not ignore that this has happened before – the events are called the Civil War, WWI and WWII, among others. What did we do then? Fought our brothers – that’s what. We couldn’t keep from fighting our brothers, and we are going to keep the current gestalt together outside of some more refined principles, something more enduring to hold on to? The British and American fought their German “brothers” under scoundrel Churchill and crypto Roosevelt. Yes, a few hundred million people were set up. I repeat, I few hundred million people were fools. Why did we fight that war again? The reason is that as soon as things get hot for the jew, they have some contrived scenario ready to pit one group against the other. Soon, perhaps: civil war, more Gentile deaths and more jew profits. People understand the language of rage. On the other hand they also understand the language of transcendence, greatness and bigness.

Just as the Catholic Church transcends nationalities and instills mores and customs among the remaining Christians of the world (non-Catholics by a bit of osmosis – it obviously goes both ways, and remember all our families were Catholics at one time), the principles of grit (yes, grit), honorable brotherhood and fairness for gentiles – along with Christianity – in the face of the jew menace can be a glue that may properly defend the gentile nations from the real and true enemy us all – the jew. The ultimate aim is to re-establish our culture, heritage and religion, but we cannot betray ourselves and succeed. Nor, I think, can we betray others.

For the record, I feel that our constitution is flawed and our society is very maladjusted vis-a-vis the jew menace. I am for the peaceful removal of jewry to some square reservation in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or some wasteland where they can be well compensated for making vapid, useless comedy and commentary and lending money to themselves. I also believe that once the jew is under control we can perhaps manage emigrating some of the non-patriots out of our countries and allow people to emigrate to their natural and native environments. The most natural first move would be the muslims as everyone else is Christian. With the jew absent, the jew of course will no longer be using our militaries and intelligence apparatuses as proxies for jew dominion, the side effect being constant warfare around the globe. My hope is that we will not either. That is my hope anyway.

Our very rage is a tool for them. Let it be tool for us. Does anyone doubt that the ethnic strife in Russia harms Russia? Then why would they doubt it here? I am for great men all around the world – Putin, Chavez, Castro, Paul – who are in one way or another fighting the jewish Protocols program. I wish I knew of just a few more hereabouts right now. Will I hear about them soon?

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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