Did you know?

Did you know the “Federal” “Reserve” note is a “Federal” “Reserve” bond in mini?

Treasury debt instruments -bonds, notes and bills- are sold to buyers at discount (and where there are no other buyers, for free to the “Fed” itself). The US Government promises to pay on the bonds. The Fed holds the bonds and gives the US Government paper denominations called “dollars.” The government then proceeds to spend the paper money on things the American people by and large do not want. The amount of money, or principle, placed into circulation is less than the principle plus interest due at the time of the maturity of the bond. If the “Fed” “buys” the bonds, the Fed and the private banks that own it get all of the principle and interest; if foreign entities do, they get the principle and interest. In both cases transactions are required to occur in a “Federal” “Reserve” stockholding bank. The increase in the “Federal” “Reserve” stockholding bank’s deposits increases the amount of money that bank can loan against the reserves it must retain. The money it loans comes from nowhere. Principle and interest are due in full. The “Federal” Reserve” and indeed all fractional reserve banking is a scam. How the hell was there no income tax before the “Federal” “Reserve?” Now you know. It wasn’t needed because the banks didn’t suck it all up.

American industry is dead. The US government is living on drugs and delusions. All of the major banks survive. Who killed industry? It was not the American worker.

Did you know 911 is an inside outside job?

The list of inconsistencies surrounding 911 is statistically impossible were the official version a true story. I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. In fact not a SINGLE official accounting makes any sense whatsoever in comparison with corroborated information, physical law, eyewitness accounts, sheer common sense or any other categorical metric put forward in defense of the official story. Do you know what this means? It means the people that are promulgating the official story or are otherwise defending it have another agenda besides the truth! In other words, the dismemberment of this fairy tale is not something they do not want because they are defending the TRUTH; they do not want it because they are defending an agenda for which the official story of 911 is a smokescreen. This certainly does put the wars, Homeland “Security” and TSA body scanners is a different light! Doesn’t it?

Did you know that Hollywood, Television, Magazines and Newspapers are 100% jewish owned? Okay, I may be off…like by 1%. I am SO sorry! I was wrong! Now, the jews claim it is because they have tremendous creative talent (the corollary being, of course gentiles do not or at least have less)…but…what if that is not the reason? The terribly wealthy jews, whom are so egalitarian that they press socialism and communism on the downtrodden with whom they do not materially assist nor consort do not see fit to share control of any of the media assets in the entire western world with any of them nor with ANY gentile, period. Is it because the gentile cannot be trusted with the good intentions of the jew for the gentile? Or is it because the intentions of the jew are not really that good toward the gentile after all? I leave you with this: if this were all about a program for simply accumulating more money for the jew, then they would broadcast and publish culturally popular material, leave out the adverse politics, and tone down on “Israel.” Two or, now, maybe one crappy Christmas movie a year would be replaced by six or seven really good ones. The money would flow. But that is not what this is about.

Did you know the economic theory behind mass immigration is bullshit? Did you know contentions that mass immigration into the United States from the third world will alleviate global environmental problems are bullshit? Does anyone think that mass-immigration is pushed by jewry to help the United States? The white race is not the problem in the grand picture of the human population explosion. The United States is the solution however. The population explosion countries are doing nothing to solve global environmental problems, whereas (mostly) the white people of the United States are doing everything they can (and I am not talking about Agenda 21!). They invent most of the solutions and provide most of the money and effort toward solving massive environmental problems. They cannot, however, save the world alone. They can, however, save North America and Europe. Allowing tens of millions of people from China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Africa will do nothing to alleviate the environmental (or population) problems those countries face. It would, however. greatly detriment the environmental harmony of North America, to say nothing of jobs, natural and financial asset ownership, cultural fidelity, individual productivity and security.

The “United States” as it stands right now is not our protector; it is our enemy!! That is because “we” do not control it!! (Or do I state the obvious?)

Our enemies do.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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