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It is impossible to know where to begin when attempting to explain a realm of knowledge that makes no sense whatsoever. Making sense of something is akin to righting it. If something is upside down, you want to right it because only then can you properly put the entire picture in perspective. The perspective of one thing is only proper in how it relates to something else. To be a fair and proper judge means to take individual instances and evaluate them according to their unique circumstances, else, really, no judging is required, only pre-judging.

There is a great circle of deception, a void, emanating from the collected presence of the dark side. All things coming out of it are convoluted; all things are lies; all things are deceptions; hypocrisies. Whether the analytical approach or experience is normative, positive, inferential, descriptive, deductive, or empirical one conclusion can be reached: it does not add up. In other words, for the many are examining ‘what is [really] going on’ in the world, it doesn’t make sense. There is answer number 1. It doesn’t make sense. Got it? It doesn’t make sense. Drill that into your head. You will need it for all further inquiry.

Since the dark side uses deception, all things they do are cloaked in good. Within our own mental analytical laboratories, we fire our ion beams of reason at new phenomena, just as an ion beam is fired at substances within a laboratory to see what comes off and how it comes off. In physics, presumably, there is no prior ranking of how to evaluate or categorize what comes off. An experiment is run and the numbers, directions and intensities of things are registered, given a serial number and put in a drawer. I don’t think is true of that investigators conduct themselves without prejudice in physics and therefore I certainly do not think practitioners of any other branch of “science” do either. You can extend that to all things non-scientific as well.

Prejudice [as in pre-conceived notions] is everywhere. The dark side gets so many right there with their naturally hypocritical requirement that everyone (but they) practice fairness and equality. They apparently think these aspects of our makeup are so “out there” that they have to accomplish for us what we would otherwise not do ourselves. Since we would not otherwise do it ourselves, I might add, we have to be deceived. I am not talking about a little deceiving, I am talking about a lot of it, greater and deeper that the ken of most ordinary folks. Yes, most ordinary folks understand they are being deceived and fooled with but they do not grasp just how great is that darkness, because that darkness, always and forever, cloaks itself in light.

Everything herein is right out of the protocols, by the way. Oh – my bad- the protocols have been “discredited.” Never mind: Just throw out everything you have concluded after years of rigorous thought and tortured experience. Since you have a shadow of a doubt, you cannot fully affirm what you would otherwise affirm. There is Everests of evidence, but, I still have not gotten this piece figured out, and besides it has not come out on TV yet. Oh, and who wants to go up against those neurotic, insane, psychopathic guys in black hats anyways? Waaay out of my comfort zone. I’ll let somebody else do that. You see how thay are wantonly assassinating, killing, bombing, slandering, poisoning and otherwise destroying everyone and everything that crosses their agenda? Yeah, ok, they even preemptively attack their enemies. I am already in a database. I just want to admire hereos, I don’t want to be one, even though I know that that is the moment one becomes a hero -when they decide to stand up and stand out. My country may be $364 degrees off from what it would naturally be – white picket fences, hanging tires, quiet, peaceful and lazy summer days with normal-looking clouds and all, etc. etc sans neurotic hollywood, grab anything, sex-charged mania and a militant anti-tradition, anti-white mass-immigration cheap-crap chemicalized industrial complex.

At the moment there is, to use the English term, much ballyhoo about airline security. The CIA and/or Mossad are engineering fake little bomb plots to try and scare the bejeezus out of ordinary folks and create a weak new excuse to tighten the screws of tyranny a bit more.

This is as good an item as any to illustrate how tripped up people are. Airline security? Why not? It will make as much nonsense as any other cleverly disguised apparently disconnected element on the great sphere of deception emanating from the place no one will ever tell of, nor, I believe, fully comprehend. If millions – no billions – of people are deceived on so many small parts, perhaps skeptical of one thing but believing the other, who is there that can digest all of these deceptions and tie it back to one central motive and means?

Some big time revelations have come to light such as the protocols, jewish black slavery and concomitant civil rights movement and 911, oh and so much more! All over the place, all the time! From the “big” to the “small.” It has become our world, from what we learn to even what we eat, and the light to the past – to our heritage and traditions which are in every respect are the corollary of the present state of affairs. Our heritage and traditions recede more and more as we go into the tunnel constructed for the simple and their friends by the dark side.

So back to “airline security.” In all of the reading I have done about how overreaching, ridiculous, and incompetent “airline security” is (disclosure: I never, ever read the “MSM”); in all of the hundreds and hundreds of articles and videos I have read or watched about 911, not once has anyone stated that airline security was instituted to legitimize something that was entirely fake, that is 911. You can throw Al-Quaeda, Saddam Hussein and even Barrack Hussein Obama on top of that.

The deceived will say, “Bush fought against the federalization of airline security.” Yes, but Bush was for big government, higher taxes, and globalist tyranny, so the airline security was a two-fer. The simpletons working the scanners and conveyor belts at your local airport are vacuuming $billions out of the national coffers right into the pockets of the Rothschild/Rockefeller security complex, legitimizing 911, bankrupting the country, tyrannizing the people, and trampling the constitution all at once. Since this behemoth is cloaked as a positive/good/endeavor, the vast majority are blinked. The inference taken is that it is obviously to protect us. Why? Because on the surface it is not so obviously something else even though inconsistencies and imbalances abound as they always do with these things and because the darkness, as it always does, guises itself in light.

To be continued….

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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