Commentary on the Rense/Mark Glenn Schism

The story I have so far:

Mark Glenn claims in an open letter to Jeff Rense ( that Rense threatened to call the Department of Homeland Security [sic] on him during a phone argument in which Rense hung up the phone of him mid sentence. Glenn was apparently attempting to flesh out a concession on Rense’s editorial treatment of Muslims on his website and radio program. A few quotes from Glenn’s letter:

“…the fact that you have had David Duke attempt to mediate with me on your behalf no less than 4 times in the last month is just further proof that you are a coward who cannot fight his own battles. As I indicated to you several weeks ago, your willingness to be utilized by Zionist interests in running articles that enflame the already-dangerous levels of anti-Islamic hysteria in this country is absolutely intolerable from someone claiming to be a ‘truther’and your defense–that you are trying to provide ‘balance’ and that ‘freedom of speech’ is the most important thing given what we do is now revealed for the lie that it is. Your “threat” to sick the Secret Police on me for MY exercizing MY right to free speech proves you are a fraud and that ‘freedom of speech” is just a one-way street with you. Furthermore, your ‘fears’ that I am “inciting dangerous muslims” to come and do you “bodily harm” is absolutely laughable. If I wanted to do that, I would provide them with your home phone number and address, both of which I have in my possession (not that they would do anything anyway) and your statement as such proves you have bought into all the Zionist garbage about Muslims.

“So here is the deal Jeff, just to show you I am a fair man–you want me to get off your back about the anti-Islamic articles you are running on your site? Fine–here’s my counter-offer–REMOVE THE OFFENSIVE, LYING, RACIST, HATE-MONGERING MATERIAL AND I WILL. You are worried about “bodily harm” being done to you by “dangerous Muslims”? THEN STOP ‘INCITING THEM BY POSTING AND HOSTING OFFENSIVE, LYING, RACIST, HATE-MONGERING MATERIAL.”

I must admit, this one has me  a little confused. I am fully capable of realizing that a major figure in the truth movement such as Jeff Rense could either be a disinfo operative or become one at any time, and I suppose that goes for everybody; for all have sinned and, I am sure, can do so again. I have read commentary from John Kaminski as well as the extremely caustic lead-off comment at Jeff Rense by Joe Cortina following Glenn’s letter.

Cortina begins with: “Mark – I do this just so any and all reader will know EXACTLY where I am coming from. I have known you well enough and long enough to proudly stand by you in this matter. I too have a REAL cause to beat odds with him since he has in essence cast doubts and dispersions onmy personal integrity when he censured me from his site for the crime of speaking the TRUTH about a vile Jew in an article I submitted to him to be posted.

And ends with “Don’t even think about terrorizing the Glenn family and children – or it WILL become very personal and VERY ugly. Please stop the cowardly insanity you are embarking upon. Your vile conduct has ALREADY offened more decent REAL people than you may possibly imagine – so PLEASE do not make it irrevocably worse.


The short story of what is going on here is that Rense has gravitated toward an anti-Muslim stance, or at least a stance on them that is construed as being sufficiently anti-Muslim by Mark Glenn. Although Rense has posted tons of material on the Palestinian plight, negative commentary on the Rothschild/Rockefeller/jew/NWO wars, and the nature of the beast, he has also posted articles by writers that are not friendly to Muslims. Frosty Woolridge comes to mind. Glenn (and Cortina) construe from this, as well as from his offensive (defensive?) behavior, that he is A) either being taken in by the zionists or is B) a zionist shill/disinfo agent (perhaps, we may surmise, from either intimidation or premeditation).

I have read, overall, between fifteen and twenty pieces from Glenn and Cortina. I take them both to be very straight talkers with tremendous courage. That is -who knows really?- if they aren’t disinfo agents themselves. (I don’t think that they are, actually, but you do get my point I hope.)

I have read in places that Rense has discontinued relationships with a cadre of good writers and even posts a lot of material from jewish ones. I personally would never trust a jew on grave matters (though perhaps cautiously on mundane ones), but that does not mean there are not some good and decent jews out there. If 99% of them are bad, mathematically it follows that 1% are good. And I believe that they are indeed good. The trouble is parsing out the sheep from the wolves-in -sheep’s clothing. I trust Bro Kapner 100%. But the caveat there is that he is not a Jew. He is a former Jew; he is a Christian.

I am wont to believe and trust Gilad Atzmon. He seems to care. But if you are going to pick apart zionism, you have to throw the gauntlet at the talmud; there is no middle ground there. If you know about it, you are wither starkly against it or you are obscurely for it. Even 99.9% of the jews are against the talmud…outwardly.

Which brings me back to Joe Cortina. He stands stridently on Mark Glenn’s side of this argument, claiming that he knows Glenn personally and can vouch for his honesty and integrity, which I doubt not. Cortina says he is double-guessing Rense because of his behavior in the Glenn imbroglio and for the censure of  an article of his:

“I too have a REAL cause to beat odds with him since he has in essence cast doubts and dispersions on my personal integrity when he censured me from his site for the crime of speaking the TRUTH about a vile Jew in an article I submitted to him to be posted. Had that person not been an immoral devious billionaire Jew attempting to gain political power to advace Jewish issues and further betray MY country – my guess is that it probably would not have been an issue – as no profanity or slander was used. I honestly am shocked that Mr. Rense would sink so low and engage in such sleaze.”

I have no idea why Rense “censured” Cortina’s article on the vile billionaire jew. His disclaimer at the very bottom of his site indicates that he would post it. Read it at hit Ctrl+end. A great disclaimer. But of course he is not telling the truth in that disclaimer. The disclaimer reads, “We choose not to censor skewed logic and uncomfortable rhetoric.” Not true. The New York Times has skewed logic and uncomfortable rhetoric and I have never seen Rense link to any articles by that jew publication. In fact I have not seen many links to a lot of other “MSM” sources having skewed logic and uncomfortable rhetoric, such as Fox News or any of the other alphabet media; nor from other “MSM” in whether principally newpapers or magazines. So here Rense isn’t being strictly true in what he says in this disclaimer; although I personally do not mind. MSM logic and rhetoric is a little too skewed and uncomfortable for even this edge-liver to deal with.

Since we are on the subject I will call Rense out on another, I might say, disingenuous claim on his disclaimer: “The posting of stories, commentaries, reports, documents and links (embedded or otherwise) on this site does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of any of such posted material or parts therein.” I am not claiming that Rense is deceiving others when he claims such; only that he may be deceiving himself in that there is perhaps no such thing as impartiality.

Jeff clearly isn’t impartial when it comes to choosing between linking to alternative/truth/liberty information sources vs. the “MSM.” Likewise, he may be unaware that he has really has his own opinions on matters and that, maybe, he just may feel that the solution is not to simply for the Gentiles to simply disempower the jews; but that for that to happen people have to be whom they can know and rely on most: their own kind. Whereas both solutions to all non-jews problems ought to desire truth as much as it can be ascertained, model A says we tell the truth, everybody learns about it, all Gentiles get wise and throw the jews out of power. Model B says that everybody goes back to their own nations so that we know who is who and what so that then we can deal with the jews. All Gentiles have to stick together. I would trust a Muslim over a jew any day, 24 x 7. Model A. The fact that we are even in close proximity and not in our own separate and secure nations and places is due to jewish strategems in order that they may benefit from the condition. That none of us have gotten over they top of this trend in over 200 years indicates to me that none of us can walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to how scenario A is handled by the jews.

An inherent weight scenario B has, particularly among whites, is that there is a time element. If there is among them the desire to maintain their own nations and races as well as their religions and traditions, then the hourglass is indeed turned on that one. The potential of option B can be exercised at any point in the future so long as there isn’t a complete rothschild/NWO takeover in the iterim. As for option A, the population of whites as proportion of the global population and as a proportion of the populations of their own countries is decreasing rapidly. India, China, Brazil, Africa, Mexico all have much greater populations as well as much greater growth rates within thier core national racial group than do the white countries of the world. If is to be construed as a problem by any, the whites of the world have the dual problem of declining populations due to massive non-white immigration as well as the perennial problem of having an engorged jewish squid latched onto the ‘collective face’ of white people.

With declines in white populations come declines in Christianity. The Vatican is in Europe for the reason that Europe built and sustained it. Mecca is is Muslim Arabia because the Muslim arabian built and sustained it. I am not sure that a Vatician would be allowed in the “Muslim world,: although I suspect, right now, a Mecca might be allowed in the Western nations. The traditions, customs and legal and rights legacies are such that they allow for an open, egalitarian perspective and approach when considering matters of justice and fairness. I have no expertise in sharia law, however I do know that it is a religious one and that Muslims, as far as I have been able to ascertain universally wish to impose where they reside even though it contradicts doctrines and documents such as the Bill of Rights. Yes, Christianity has had its elements of intransigence but no where were these written down as if they were scripture itself.

I realize Mr. Cortina is a professing Christian and upstanding man. I have no doubt that Mark Glenn is a fearless and devout Muslim. Jesus said that “those that are not against us are for us.” Those that aren’t against us are for us, until they aren’t. There is no doubt that the “Western World” has been on the ‘side’ of Middle Eastern and central Asian Muslim peoples’, trying to ‘liberate’ their people’s from tyranny. I think we should be ‘on their side’ far, far less. In fact, I think we should leave well enough alone, which, ironically, is what most Americans wanted before all of this extremely costly and questionable death and destruction happened in the first place. Problem is, the Rothschilds/NWO didn’t seek any opinions from either side.

I do not speak for Jesus, but I am wont to feel that he would rather see the nonintervention with it’s concomitant lack of violence, tyranny, pain and death than the intervention with it. Square one. The Arabian/Persian/Asian/Semitic Muslims over there. The Christians over here. When do we mix it up? When we are ready, not when the Jews force us into it so they can manipulate us trebly as easily. Anyway, although, Jesus does not like killing and loves forgiveness, I am wont to think that He prefers Christianity over Islam (I do not speak for him, I am just guessing, and, as well, I don’t know if that would be strictly true when one considers Christian religion vs Christian spirituality, if you follow). Where Muslims and their predominant peoples are growing, so is Islam; this can only mean a relative decline in Christianity as well as of the people who harbor it. Given this complexity, it is easy to see why anyone, including Jeff Rense, would vie for Option B. Option B is where the people are ensured and the religion is ensured. It is also the only option that has proven to countermand the treachery and tyranny of the jews.

That Rense is supporting Dr. David Duke may be indicative that he sees merits in option B. Forgetting Jeff Rense for a moment, Dr. David Duke has been perhaps the most reliable, plain-spoken and consistent advocate for truth globally as it relates to everyone’s jewish problem. He has also been a consistent advocate that the solution for everyone’s Jewish problem lies with achieving peace and prosperity in their own individual spheres, among their own kind and in their own way in peace and prosperity. He saw this long ago and strived for a solution for America, and thus became the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. He came to realize that everyone was a victim of the perfidy of the jews, and that it was perhaps best to not say “we love ourselves, hate you, and hate the jews,” but to say, “we love ourselves, respect your right to love yourselves, and by the way, we both have a very serious problem in the jews whom are trying to manipulate us both to destructive ends. They care about neither of us.” Do I know the absolute truth? No. The latter approach seems reasonable to me, as I am certain of one thing: the jews are out to get us all: Islam, Arabs, Persians, Celtics, Muslims, Italians, Germans…but perhaps most of all Christians, the same Christianity that has been harbored and sustained by the European races for 2,000 years.

So, let us rewind a bit. What does this all have to do with the Rense/Glenn/(Cortina?) imbroglio? Well, it first demonstrated how easily it is for ‘us’ to divide. Rense, as open to concepts and ideas as he claims to be, I speculate, would get along much more easily with one quite like himself that one completely different from himself. Just as would Mark Glenn and everybody else for that matter. Two, it demonstrates that, just as I had to write this long post to attempt to figure this little thing out, that energy and time are consumed that could otherwise be used tackling everyone’s unquestionable mutual challenge, the jews. Three, it demonstrates how easily our energies are moved about.

This is real stuff! Glenn is on fire. Cortina is certainly on fire. Rense, I am sure, is steaming. It is a sure thing that this would not happened if we had different fish swim in different pools. You all are certainly not unaware that the jews who are manipulating world events are doing everything they can with resources they didn’t earn and don’t really own to bomb the hell out of millions upon millions of square miles of the middle east – men, women, children; likewise they are doing everything they can to bring in Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis, Bangladeshis, Indians and plant them into upper-caste (non-national-socialism-protected) corporate jobs.

Are you also not aware that you never see the revolution; the forefathers or authentic American history or storytelling on TV or from other media sources? Didn’t this country start our with farmers, explorers and trappers? Any shows about them? Do you ever even see people of Germans stock on TV? They are the single largest heritage/group in this country by population. Why do you suppose that is? Rabbinical dictate? Likely. How about Anglo-Saxons? If you see authentic-looking ones ones on TV, they are always avaricious and greedy; Men with blond hair are not allowed. Please let me know when you see a male with blond hair on one of the networks who is not a child. The formula is dark-haired men, blonde women, and anything goes but traditional values. People who do not wholly and openly accept homosexuality, extreme social (and economic) liberalism are implicitly -and explicitly-blacklisted -and not just from hollywood and New York. American tradition and Christianity are ridiculed at every opportunity. How did all this come about?

By chance?

Not a chance. The jews control everything now. And how did they accomplish that? By starting with the control of one thing. One of the things they gained control of was American immigration policy. Now, red-blooded Americans have several millions of Muslims they never asked for and the Middle East has several hundreds of American troops and equipment they never asked for, and the troops and the peoples have several dozens of lifetimes war and pain they never asked for…

How could this be stopped? Well, this kind of thing does not lie at the heart of the traditions of either people, I believe, particularly when you remove from the equation the oh-so-secret and oh-so-subtle manipulations of the jews over the centuries. Who were the major prognosticators of the slave trade. The Anglo-Saxons? Guess again. Who were the leaders of the then-necessitated civil rights movement? Why did they free who they enslaved? Was it jewish ‘tolerance’? (as is ‘tolerate’) or was it that they had another use for the slaves and that was to use them as a countervailing power bloc to make slaves of both them and the whites. Whereas before the jew could not be chief of a zulu tribe, nor a president of America where the two groups were not mashed together, he could once they had to deal with each other in those manipulated contrivances known as the democratic left and the republican right. Where there is one true issue above all others -the Jew- there are now a thousand complications in a newly complex media of people that are somewhat, or moreso, different, and with different issues. Likewise, whereas we know who are the prognosticators. A tragedy: it would be quite wonderful if people know next-to-nothing about trivial, useless garbage and much about our subject instead of the reverse.

As things heat up for the jew, look for more of issues just like this one to rear up out of the media shadows. They can turn it on and off for the sheep like the flame on a gas oven. The many European peoples comprise the most fair skinned, intelligent and materially accomplished peoples (not that other groups are bad or that I hate them or that I am intrinsically better than them; but I do not, for instance, see Haitians writing epics or building rockets. (You are not allowed to say this!-Who says?/Why?/You included!) Anyway, look for issues that now are not currently ones to be dragged out once things heat up for the Jews. This ‘one world’ track derails their NWO agenda, but once sufficient heat is off (through war or propaganda) they will get things moving again.

So, back to Rense. He may be disinfo. He may be taking a nationalistic perspective for the solutions of the problems of his country and the world. It is that we are only told that our problems will be solved when we come “together.” Or perhaps that’s when our problems will really begin. The jews have brought us together for a reason, and it is not -reminder- for the benefit of any non-jew, or his religion, or customs.

I am always wary. They can get to people. I and others can be fooled. But do I think that Rense is a disinformation agent? I am not convinced. I think he is learning in this life, too. And I think what he is learning is taking him back to what his fathers and their father and their fathers before that learned and abided by. His fathers fathers, and mine for that matter, were wary of the Jews. The protections against their wiles, which lead to death not only for themselves but other groups as well, were intrinsic in the practice of maintaining one nation, one group, one people. It was never spoken, it just was.

I do not believe we need to have strict racial segregation, just as much as I don’t believe we have to have stringent religion or strict philosophy. People should be free. But if America is a democracy, it got what it never asked for. Other people, groups and perspectives are fine, but, for me, not to the extent that they replace the white majority. With that goes everything else. Are we really so egalitarian that we will effectively recuse ourselves from the earth? Or are most of last in a muddle of contrived pseudo-philosophies and  and convoluted cultural and social elements that we are waiting for something outside or, perhaps, one of our group, to move like the first animal in a herd that goes left or right, it matters not which, in the deathly still silence of the passing storm?

So why isn’t Jeff  Rense posting articles from Mark Glenn and Joe Cortina. I don’t know. Maybe it is because Mark Glenn is hanging around Joe Cortina. Or maybe it is that Joe Cortina is hanging around Mark Glenn. Maybe he just felt like it.


The king of disinformation is Alex Jones. Do you seriously, seriously, seriously think you can pretend the jews are either victims are have nothing to do with any of the sinister things going on in the world when they control the banks, hollywood, the newspapers, manufacturing, alcohol, tobacco, military industries, Washington, and everything else? The focus of the world is Israel. You take the jews out, it is a flimsy equation indeed.

I do not know all the details of what Jeff Rense has not published or what dishonest jewish (or non-jewish) authors he has published. My general view is that he on to the zionist/jewish problem and tenaciously peruses the topic. I believe that he personally believes it is less of a genetic thing (although he has published plenty along these lines) and more of a cultural one.

Do I believe in UFO’s? I have never seen one. I do believe other people believe that they have seen them. Ancient civilizations? I believe that archaeology is an evolving science, as is history. The great pyramids, stonehenge, the Easter Island figures and the geometric sea formations in the seas off Japan certainly exist. How they were all constructed and moved around has not been satisfactorily answered to date in my opinion. Secret societies? Yup.

I do not hate other people for who they naturally are, including the jews but I do hate 99% of the jews. And why not? They are trying to destroy me, my family, my race, my heritage, my nation and my religion. I do greatly admire great men and women from the many peoples around this world. Standouts at this time are Ahmad Ahminidjad. He is a brave and courageous man. Hugo Chavez is as well. To a waning degree Alexander Putin is as well. All of these men have done so much more than any man, save perhaps David Duke, of this cowardly American generation to stand up against international Jewry. Admittedly, there are perhaps many, but obviously not that many, who have contributed greatly to liberating people from the evil tyranny of the jews.  I salute them all as well.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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2 Responses to Commentary on the Rense/Mark Glenn Schism

  1. GTRman says:

    Really good piece. One small error -Mark Glenn is Christian.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, GTRman. I thought that I read somewhere that he was. Probably some disinfo site – actually I think it was that guy who was pairing up with Christopher Bollyn. I forget his name.

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