Note to readers of American Alliance: Sorry I have not posted in awhile, I was on vacation from the Fourth onward and then got sick and then had a whole bunch of other errata to deal with. My heart an mind was never far from my mission, however.

My mission, you ask?

Well, okay, I will go into it briefly as I am not entirely back into my rhythm. My mission is to free America.

No, really. Don’t laugh. This is not a laughing matter, by any means.

I don’t suppose I will accomplish it single handedly, but as a part of the a member of the American race; a sharer in the American being; a member of the the American soul; the American body- the real, authentic, land-loving American son. Perhaps I am the eyes that see. Or the ears that hear, the skin that feels, the nose that smells, or the mouth that tastes. Either way, whichever I am, I sense that the body of America is in grave danger. The leg sleeps. The heart skips a beat. The body gets all manner of bruises and cuts from it knows not where. The senses alert and admonish. They are on the lookout. All I know is I see. And what I see is real. And something must be done about it. MUST be done about it.

Just as one would pray for a loved one, I pray for America; her freedom; her security…from her real enemies, who are not so much like a broken bone or a laceration, but a virus; a parasite.

Get well America. We love you. You are in our thoughts, prayers…and deeds. We are by your side.

With that, readers, I leave you with some somewhat random musings.

Reasonableness is the hallmark of the snake.

Reasonableness is your enemy.

Who has more say in this country, the cowboys or Israel? Who has more power, the farmers of this country? Or Israel? Who has more say in America – Americans or Israel? Huh?

You know the answer. Don’t pretend.

We so much more want to be with Jesus when we realize the completeness of their evil is as lead.

Legislators go to congress thinking they should be professionals when they should go to the congress and be heroes.

People will do anything but the right thing.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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