BP Oil Sp – whoops – Volcano

Washington Post has this video on the heartbreaking personal circumstances of the victim families of the oil gusher.

As if the Washington Post’s owners actually cared, they have an electronic power button sign background with the words EMPOWERING A NATION, as if they aren’t a very serious part of all of our problems. We are to infer that the Washington Post cares about the American Nation. They are empowering the people and the nation, not themselves. YEA RIGHT!

The videos are replete with people concerned about their families, communities, their beautiful environment, and about money. Money to buy food; to keep their families and communities together; money to survive. One devastated (I am sure) hard working man was getting pro-rata deductions for cleanup work accomplished from the general disaster renumeration checks.

These are people completely readjusting their lives all because BP did not want to pay for the work necessary to do the job right in the first place. I am sure that most of the unfortunate souls in South Louisiana are completely ignorant of the fact that the people who shorted the safety process  – the controlling owners of BP – are the same people who control the Federal Reserve and the money system.

Money is scarce and it should be gushing out as fast as the oil is. All the supply of it would do is satisfy the overtime work needed to get things done. There isn’t enough money because the powers that be don’t want to get things done. They don’t give a fuck about the good people of Louisiana. Basically, this oil spill is for ruining the lives and spirits of Louisianans. It is also going to create more cannon fodder for the Iran war they have been brewing for the last decade or more. Yep, more solid American cannon fodder.

What if they all knew this was done on purpose? I think they would take time to clean up something else first.

The link is via Rense.


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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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