Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack

An A3P member in New York writes:

As I’m sure everyone is aware, New York City has a massive illegal immigrant problem, we are a sanctuary city and our illustrious mayor openly protects, supports, and encourages illegal immigrants to come here.

Recently, in the borough of Staten Island, which is home to several thousand illegal aliens, the situation with the illegals has been coming to a head. There have been several incidents of illegals being attacked.

Now that these attacks are occurring there is a large uproar for the need to stop these vicious hate crimes. Now I am against the malicious assault of these people and am not condoning it, but the following response to the situation by the government, other groups and Mexico needs to be reported in context.

The NYPD is creating a special task force to crack down on the problem and are also increasing police presence by adding towers and more patrols throughout the neighborhood.

I find it outrageous that all of this manpower and resources are used to protect illegal immigrants, but when it comes to detaining and deporting them it’s not possible, because we are told it is too expensive and an unrealistic goal.

Also, there is the hypocrisy of enforcing the law against American citizens when they commit a crime, but turning a blind eye to illegal aliens who are breaking the law simply by being here. I ask the question, why should an American obey the law when non-Americans do not have to?

Next, we have the group called the Guardian Angels lead by Curtis Sliwa, who has announced that his organization will also be patrolling the streets to help keep illegal aliens safe.

I have no problem with citizen groups patrolling the streets to help fight crime in their communities, but once again where was this group when Staten Island was being overrun by illegals, why do they not fight to keep the streets free of illegal aliens, why do they only police Americans?

The most egregious of all though is the announcement by the Mexican government saying that they will be sending officials to patrol Staten Island in order to protect their citizens. I have pasted the link to this article below.

I cannot believe that it has come to this, that an invading army of illegal immigrants has come to colonize us and that they are protected and encouraged by our city government, fellow citizens and that on top of this American citizens are being policed in their own cities by foreign governments.

Source: American Third Position

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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2 Responses to Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack

  1. dublinmick says:

    They are bringing in the Mexican army?

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