Knowledge, Morals, and Choices

The Garden of Eden was violated by knowledge, an apparently contradicting Jesus’ assertion that the wicked eschew knowledge.  The contradiction is reconciled with the understanding individuals’ consciousnesses react in fear to the separation from Godliness resulting from a the seeking of frivolous knowledge for self which can only be egotistical and vain. The distinction lies in what the knowledge is for: self or others. As accounted by Jesus, this is a clear aspect of the wickedness of the rabbis, who keep arcane knowledge to themselves, not practicing and living the right way with that knowledge they were granted.

When I think about how much better things could be, I think about the background for the problems, the lacks, that this world “entertains.”  I think, “Why?” and then my reasons and answers come to me.  In my nature, I for one always come from a perspective that this is intolerable, that this will not do and I incipiently think about what I can do to practically move things in the right direction.

But why are things intolerable?

On the one hand one could say, Things are as they are.  The state of the present world is the result of nothing more than the sum total, or net effect, of actions effected by human nature, human self-analytical philosophical foibles aside. Things will inevitably come out at the end of the road they are on. God is still just and justice will be served. All will get what they deserve.  So, what is, just is; in a sense there is no tolerable and intolerable about it.  The situation is just the facts.  They won’t change. Put another way, it is irrelevant whether they do or they don’t.  There is only the matter of how one will perceive them – the attitude you have toward them. It could be ambivalent, aloof, worrisome, empathetic, hopeful, angry, happy, sad, optimistic – any attitude – and it will not matter.

To use nature as an actual example as well as an allegory for the strictly human theatre of meaning, struggle and consequence, the above is plausibly a rational attitude from a secular/agnostic perspective as pertains to a human existence where it does not matter whether it degrades or improves – a reality, essentially, where there is no God and therefore no cardinal morality.

Rapacious and murderous fiefdoms and tribes have existed for thousands and thousands of years, one chiefdom or clan succeeding another and doing the same things to one another century after century.  The net effect was that there were still as many people around; still similar cultures (though with their own unique customs and aesthetics); and still the same unaltered environment. Essentially – a conception that the bad works that go down in the world are removed as the waves from a few thrown stones in a still pond eventually disappear, so that no lingering effects exist in the next period.

The thing is though, this is not the case as far as the planet goes*.  In the world of yore, when global communication, methods of control, pollution and warfare were not potentials, the effects of the wicked were contained within the domains they could destruct with their limited means available. The pattern of human behavior including cycles of warfare, empire, domination, slavery and all of the other things we can think of has not stayed the same, in this age but have become much more impactful. The magnitude of human actions are now not as a few stones thrown into a still pond.  The same motives of humanity exercised in the past in today’s world has not left the nature and its health, its biodiversity, its cleanliness; its productivity; its fruitfulness; its beauty intact.  It is false to believe that the cycle of human nature that has been going on for thousand of years and will yield the same results as it has in past. As far as the planet goes, it is not the case that we humans will do what we will do to one another and say that it just a continuation of an old cycle that has always continued to remain.

There are many facets to the badness that exists in the earth.  When one tries to track them down, pin them down, bring them to their essentials, it is found that there is no way to get a handle on the matter; to understand it: that is because it doesn’t make any sense.  All of these things are built on lies from the very bottom.  How can one make a logical construction of happenings based on lies and falsehoods?

So, it is enough to know that something is false, a lie, and reject it. This is the practical, and reality-embracing, place to stand. Turning over a concept, a philosophy, a history of deceits will yield nothing more, but perhaps even less, toward the end of its tyranny over humankind than if its inconsistencies are simply rejected outright in the first instance.

Life wither matters of it doesn’t. If you are not helping then you are throwing your energies away as do those that believe that life does not matter, even if you believe that it does matter.

Today favors success more than tomorrow.

Let your answers be yea, yea or nay, nay.

* No claim to a belief in man-made global warming here

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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