Re: The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson – my comment on INCOG MAN

Brothers (though some of you are not):

Allovertheplace here.

Glenn Beck is a JEW – a crypto. (and I think Alex Jones is as well) I cite Duke’s My Awakening for a reasoned dissertation of fact that many Jews can appear quite European simply through some of them being on an outer part of the spectrum of their species’ genotypic continuum where there is some proportion that appear quite non-Jewish.

As far as “Beck” himself goes, I cite his fat lips, narrow forehead and lower mouth, narrow chin (one of the biggest tells), fat nose, highly polished, urgent speech, and last but not least, his works: He is not on your side. He is present to control your side. FOX news is, as is ALL media, a JEW asset (for now). If a passel of European “royalty” are Jewish and the multitude have no idea, how about Glenn goddamn “Beck?”

I gotta say, I do not get the feeling that Glenn “Beck” really cares what he is talking about when what he talks about happens to coincide with what we care about. I get the feeling he is trying to manipulate the viewer by weaseling in pro-Jew propaganda as an illicit strain in the otherwise correct argumentation of border control, etc, that is all. ANY rational person, free to be his own, could not possiblydeduce that the JEW simply has nothing to do with almost all of our problems. They are too ubiquitous. What are the WASPS doing this?

The JEW has NO PLACE in the TEA Party movement. Not “Beck,” not Palin. Are you kidding?

You cannot be pro-American and pro-Israel. Israel is the worst enemy encountered by America in all of America’s history (and perhaps our only actual one, when the veil is pulled). Does anyone disagree with this? The how the F-word can you agree with “Beck” and Palin? (for those that still do)

Racism: Keep in mind that we are highly trained through all available means to de-emphasize white/Christian racial consciousness. This conditioning is affecting you right now. Believe it. It is the planted and cultivated forest of racial-desensitization that keeps us from seeing the well tended Jewish tree in the middle of it.

If racism/nationalism, a JEW-originated concept heavily promulgated by the them, is bad; and an evil tree cannot bear good fruit; and according to the New Testament, Jews are sons of the Devil, then how can racism, which the JEWS are against, be bad?

Racism/nationalism is the most uncomplicated defense against JEW tyranny. Want proof? It is the ONE thing the JEWS most CONSISTENTLY “cry all the more” about. That is why I assert that to regain our sovereignty, security and freedom we must regain control. A self-determined Christian Nation is the womb in which we grow to be whole, responsible, self-determined and moral people. They just may be the stones about the cornerstone, ‘cause the NWO sure as heck ain’t, I can promise you that…

If the Jew has taken our nation from us, he is not going to give it back again. We must control the dialogue. We must communicate among ourselves. We must abide by our natural rights. We must assert our sovereignty in the realm of our own minds and in our discourses. We cannot “wait” for our agenda of rights, freedoms and authentic American culture to be received and “authenticated” by the JEW media and power structure. It is just not going to happen!

What you desire: you are going to have to take.

More on Mel Gibson. Although his eyes do not look Jewish…but perhaps it was that JEWESS alone that he was dating that, like Esther, aided Chabad & Co. in this…it is suspect to my mind that these ostensible “offensive” remarks are coming out justas the JEW-engineered NAACP smear campaign against the TEA Party is. We are witnessing a simple and blatant application of the divide and conquer tactic. Yes, Gibson is not associated directly with the TEA party movement, but his sentiments (authentic or no) through JEW media opinion manipulation of the public, to a certain degree, are. Hmm.

More subversion, division, confusion and control. If you are not going to be confused, don’t frigging be confused- we can identify trees, cars, scat, but we can’t figure out what the heck is going on all around us? Jeez!

The dialogue we have been entertaining and the paradigms we have been stuck in ARE NOT WORKING. Hello? You want to change your destiny? TAKE IT OVER…from the JEWS. Own it.

Now, the economy – money/banking – along with the media as the propaganda arm is the assemblage by which the JEWS control us. If a man cannot essentially be as he would otherwise be and act as he would otherwise act and yet benefit fully from the just fruits of his labor (see Disney article below linked below), then he is under tyranny socially and politically not through society and politics, but by money manipulation. Money manipulation then drives society and politics – the opposite of what ought to be: good tradition and custom informing how to behave and allocate resources.

Why is this relevant? Because the thing we should be hammering away at are the Jews exclusive and mendacious control of the media and banking. And why are we not? The answer is we are under control. Yes, we are not in chains, but, by all appearances, one do not need to be…

Now, can a racial “Jew” be on our side? Sure can. One – for sure – is Brother Nathaniel Kapner. And of this I am more sure than many on this blog site. Why? His works. He is on the streets openly advocating for American Christian revival on the streets. Who here can claim that?

All here should support this brave and great man at the very vanguard of rescuing this nation. (Thank you, Brother Nathaniel!)

Brother Nathaniel renounced the JEW religion (JUD-aism; if you can call it a religion) and embraced Christianity.

Am I an “anti-semite” now? If I love Jesus and Brother Nathaniel, am I an anti-semite? I dare say, no.

Please check out this great article on the takeover of the great Walt Disney’s legacy of wholesome, hopeful and wishful artistic entertainment for children, it is awesomely illustrative of how the Jews unceasingly weasel away hard-won gentile assets and then sell us back the denatured fruits of our own labor:

We are going to have to come out. We are going to have to exercise our might. We are going to have to keep our eyes and our walk straight ahead, not on irrelevant diversions.

All for now.


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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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