My other INCOG MAN comment re. The Crucifiction of Mel Gibson


My take on the style-of-revolution-debate: though it is well past time for a revolution, one can’t simply come out and advocate for a bloody one, can they? All telephone data is routed through Israel- I think the company is amdocs. Does anyone here believe that they aren’t sifting through the data to tag commenters for potential future follow up? I know the Jews hasbaratting this comment area are absolutely sure that this is going on.

There is also (false?) debate around the matter of whether INCOG is an unwitiing tool of the Jew agenda. Yes, if the comments are successfully hasbarratted. No, if not. Leaving a person perplexed is to neutralize them. A tool in this debate is the false good jew/bad Jew one. The program is pretty apparent, as we know: if one isn’t against it, heart and soul, then they are to be considered a grave enemy. The program, by the way, is your destruction, dear gentile. Yes destruction. Larry silverstien, Alex jones, and Glenn beck are on one side of this and brother Nathaniel kapner is on the other, and if you don’t see what the fuck I am talking about, you never will.

The Jew is an insidious disease that must be removed from the system without compromise; there simply is no other solution. Compromise is equvalent to the Jew weaseling out and successfully conspiring to tyrannize once again. They are a different race and a different species. Their modus operandii is parasitism. You can argue the nature of this all you wish, but it does not change the fact that it is. All this debate among those that do not understand this is time that could be spent saving yourselves. The Jews have completely taken over and destroyed this country and half the world and our Jew problem is nuanced?

This is how serrupticious the Jew is (I am not claiming this is actually the case) but Mel Gibson could very well BE a Jew, although I would like to think not. He could be the set up guy that the Jews tromp on to demonstrate their power in the face of a specified dialectic, in this case, plain-hearted diatribes about the Jew, whores, and black self control. Do you not see that if Mel is wrong and has to, again, apologise…then you are wrong as well [in the arena of public discourse].

If we did not have to go undergound by being anonymous on the Internet, we could better see, hear, taste, touch, smell and otherwise sense the authenticity of who is on our side or not. But alas, the conundrum we are in now is the result if not fully exercising our senibilites when we a free men in a free country. We were pulled away by specious “moral” arguements and swayed by our own stolen money. We didn’t keep with what we knew through adhering to traditional life and values. We chased after a few Jewish blinking lights and totally empty promises. Some here here do make this mistake on the most trivial of details.

Look what has happened. Look at our nation. Ours can be no trivial agenda, no trivial work. Don’t think so? Then turn about and step right back into that matrix, you’ll do as well there as anywhere.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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