Economics, the Market and Capitalism

Reader, before reading on know I am not a Socialist or a Communist – definitely not. Communism is the worst system ever conceived. Capitalism herein is more a catch-all phrase to comprise the historical capitalism that we have largely thus far experienced. I believe in private property and free and fair markets. I believe that all systems have problems and that the system is only as good as those who lead it and the culture it exists in.

Would you believe they call economics the dismal science to keep you away from it? (I would)

There are millions of people that want to consume and there are millions of people who want to produce, and neither one of them can. What is the reason? –The reason is that there is not enough money.

All intangible economic activity is actually done to secure tangible goods now and in the future, therefore tangible goods are more valuable than intangible ones.

If the economy is made up of only production and consumption, then consumption cannot exceed production; therefore production is greater. This means that there is more work than leisure.

Capitalism works, I suppose but it, at least, is only as good as the people leading capitalism. And they are those that obtain wealth by breaking rules if the rules are lax, because rules are about paying costs or about abiding by the accrual of costs that others incur with a capitalist’s self-serving.

The market does not solve the problem of capitalism.

Free markets are not free without fairness.

A lie of economics is there are substitutes. No- everything is unique.

If you add up the national account balances of all of the countries and provinces of Earth, you will find that the vast majority of them are negative. You will also find that on balance the assets of the nations and provinces with surpluses are outweighed by the liabilities of the nations with deficits. This means that globally the world has a net deficit to creditors. This does not agree with the standard economic equation that consumption equals production or the accounting equation that assets equal liabilities plus equity. What is occurring with the excess paper? Who owns the debt? The answer is that individuals do, secretly. Individuals have enslaved the nations of the world. To solve this problem, the nations of the world need to look at individuals, not nations.

Capitalism is not the market and the Market is not capitalism. Republics and democracies do not necessarily require it; it is not necessary in the contest of free markets or private property rights. Capitalism is an approach to the market, or economics – it is not its solution. It is an approach that has shown, empirically and in actuality, to provide an excuse for the institutionalization of greed, moral disintegration and ethical corruption. Thus, the market benefits of capitalism remain theoretical. They always have been and always were. Capitalism is not alone in this regard. Any system becomes corrupt because of greed and other human corruption, thus the solution is not to be found in systems. The solution is to be found in the leadership of good people. The very same people who are benefiting from leading systems that are intended to enrich themselves and cause your destruction blame the system – thus they take the heat off the real problem-and the real solution-that is, the quality of the people who lead. The rhetoric is meant for you not for them. Experience has told us this again and again; thus rules generally speaking and in and of themselves, irrespective of the system, are in no way the solution. Not rules, but involvement by those with morals are the key to social happiness as regards economic activity.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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