Good and Evil

The truth is that thing that people never accept, never talk or want to hear about, deny, ignore, talk around, fear, and get angriest about. Truth, in a word, is the fundamental element of the struggle of life.

Nothing is scary but the truth because if something isn’t true there is nothing to be afraid of.

Courage is what breaks one into life because it is non-life that is to be challenged.

A characteristic of evil that it will seek to control. This is because it does not like what is. And what is, is the Truth. Truth deserves primacy because it is actual; real, whereas untruth isn’t. Control it certainly does not deserve, and this more so is how you will recognize it – the seeking of control without virtue.

Therefore, virtue is the first thing that those who are evil attack because they despise it. They recognize the superiority of virtue as unfair from their perspective because of the inherent trait of self-centeredness among the wicked. Evil will, at most, feign a thin covering of respect, but will attack all things valuable to what is good and right, incessantly and mercilessly.

Because of its selfishness, evil is also careless. It is quick to make grave decisions and claim correctness and rightness. It is living a lie. The lie is what it knows. A lie is not truth. (It can be said not to know the truth; therefore it is inauthentic/ingenuine). It does not require consistency, nor authenticity; it will claim some contrived rationale as truth in order to continue to spread its unsavory fruit: to be what it isn’t; to have what doesn’t belong to it; to benefit without cost and burden those who deserve benefit.

There is no communication between that which is good and that which is evil. They exist on different planes just as something is either true or not true. The world that evil sees and hears is entirely bad and the world that good sees and hears is entirely good. Good is missing nothing and retains everything: it has something to give. That is why good people forgive and evil people do not. Evil people really have nothing to give.

A hero is someone who does the hard things. The hard things are always necessarily right because with fairness comes sharing. Sharing (contributing, giving) is doing something more than for yourself which is more difficult than doing something only for yourself. (So it may seem, until by your giving you are perhaps provided ‘wings’ from on high and helped by those you have helped below, as well).

There is no life without the good life. A life spent simply in the gratifying of personal desires has no reference point. It is alone. It is not validated.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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