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Re: Comment by watchdog

– …sadly, as long as jews get away with claiming status as history’s greatest victims, the sheeple will be ever afraid of being too critical. how therefore can we break the bonds that the jews have on us? too bad more aren’t working on that problem….. –

IN INCOG MAN’S latest entry, How Jewry Pushed America into WWII

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allovertheplace here.

watchdog: read my post “The Solution” on my blog,

Yes, they control the media; but they also control the dialogue, by more subtle means than mere censorship.

Though we think we are outside of the influence of the miasma of propaganda, we aren’t (I do not mean to be non-self-affirming here). If you need any evidence of this, there are libraries of evidence of the treachery against us, yet we will yet contemplate a verdict that allows that more than 1/2% of these vampire/rodent/virus/cockroach/parasite beings require “fair” and “equal” treatment and a solution that allows that we can somehow coexist together and see any semblance of our true desires come to fruition (1/2% actually not belonging to that category, though they are, as named by us, Jews – although this in itself is very tricky territory).

If I were to be honest – ok, I will be – 99.95% of us are scared to death of getting off our asses and confronting this beast. Fairness, equality, earnestness and vigilance honestly are concepts that are completely foreign to the Jew; the Jew only knows that we react to these concepts.

We are free of the propaganda in that we can reason and intellectualize, however the subliminal effects of a lifetime of exposure to it from all institutional and media quarters do have their effects.

Regarding our “Solution,” a key aspect in analyzing the problem requiring said solution is -this I will guarantee you- the Jews are parasites and, thereby, theyrequire us.

They do not venture to exist independently despite the fact that they despise us; they do not coexist. They draw our substance to the satisfaction of their own ends, which for us means dissolution, disease, dispossession and death.

On the clear evidences before us, what choice do we really have?

The solution itself? Well, we could go off chasing the multitudinous erratic ends of their perfidy against us in an attempt to understand the whole of it to attain ourfair verdict of them – perhaps not achieving our goal by the end of the world, or we could wipe our hands of them on the evidence we have.

With the removal of the Jews comes the removal* of the Jews’ problems. This I also guarantee.

Embedded in the brainwashing program we unknowingly receive is the categorical falsehood that the Jew is not a fundamentally different creature than the non-Jew.

We are to receive that they are different because of a unique cultural environmental upbringing and not blood and curses. We are to receive their enmity for Christ is because they are waiting on another messiah, etc, not because they are, really, demonic.

All the things we generally receive are affected in whole or in part by their propaganda. If we were to come to a verdict based on our own experiences drawn from our own authentic cultural-idea domain, “the Jews” would already not be amongst us.

We, as a people, were already where we need to be now, in the past. (Ergo: that’s why the adulteration of history; it is for the present) The Jews were openly detested and the Jew problem was openly discussed. The Jew-engineered seeds of doubt and plausible doubt, – self- and –otherwise, reined our instinctive responses to the provocation.

Infiltration, adulteration, division and conquest always and instantly await those who do not accomplish their bidding, which is, our slavery. You do not get on top of this ball if the ball is in their court, and their court is the Jew-generated dialogue and beliefs we subconsciously or otherwise maintain. That was why Hitler and Nazi Germany were the Jews’ sworn enemy; Hitler and Nazi Germany owned and controlled a people’s dialogue (similar to Zionism in its explicitness; more dangerous in itself than actually controlling the press and the banks).

The way to get on top of our ball is to own it by owning the court by clearing the court of the Jew.

I think that the American Third Position party is the best solution I have witnessed come forward in my life because their platform is already set against by the Jews (not explicitly, but of course in nature). It cannot become garbled by Jewish propaganda in its own right and the leadership expressly recognizes the power of owning the conversation. Lastly as the name implies, it is outside of the two partly/ideology/philosophy/what-have-you box. And you or anyone else cannot dismantle the box from within the box.

Over, brothers,

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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  1. Sen10L says:

    That was funny remark about carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep up the good work allover. Best wishes.

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