The Truth

Excuse me for saying the truth.

The only description I know of what the Holy Spirit is: “Yea, even the Spirit of Truth.

Scientific enlightenment may bring technology, but technology does not bring enlightenment. (Although we are conditioned to think otherwise)

What the truth is you can argue but the search for truth, never.

It is only when you have done no wrong that you can expect no wrong.

Free speech only exists to protect that speech you do not like.

If you do not take care of something that requires your care, the deficit of required care still accrues. If something is true and you believe it not to be true, it is still true. Debate, it follows, is not a solution to problems unless there is actually access to the truth.

The truth is so critical that there is a fortress protecting it, and it is painful to climb the palisades of those who erected it. They don’t, obviously, want you to get in.

(Churchill’s metaphor: acknowledged)

If you want to sell a lie surround it by truth.


You don’t need to fight for truth, it has already won. You need to fight for its recompense.

One can look at the theory and say, behold, what a nice theory, but if the theorist isn’t looking at the facts, then back away.

No one wants to reckon with the truth because doing so is rarely easy. Simply telling the truth is a responsibility; a duty. That is why people lie – it is shirking a duty; an ease.  The truth is real, however, and things that are real do not go away. By ignoring truth people are staving off the inevitable.

No one has anything to fear from non-truths. They aren’t real. (Are they?) It is truth that is to be feared because only truth is real.

One truth always supports another, and while one lie might not support another it certainly does not support a truth, therefore do not expect to hear the truth from a sources that lie to you.

At no time can anyone stop the truth.

Those things that have to be oft repeated are the lies. They don’t stand on their own, do they?

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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