Ethics and Morals

Ethics is when one follows man’s rules; morals is when one follows God’s rules.

Those who compromise their principles don’t actually have any.

In a lawless society it is the lawless who rise to the top.

If we are to proceed with dishonor it is necessary to get rid of everything honorable.

Once you lose your principles, you lose everything else. This is because you have given up you, and this is why you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

If you want to be morally superior, don’t try be.

There is no freedom without fairness – because freedom is freedom from tyranny and injustice. If a person is deservingly shackled, then there is no lack of fairness, but if a person is undeservingly shackled, then the lack of freedom is unjust. Unfair. Thus, no freedom without fairness.

Freedom is free by definition.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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