The Solution

Are you listening?


The thing the Jew is most afraid of is to be without the unbeknowingly-rendered and reluctant services of the gentiles, even though they continually claim they desire to be free from gentile “oppression.” “Israel” and its continuation rest on this fallacy.

They would have that their claim of distinctness and uniqueness, ostensibly when compelled by European Christian heritage’s “unreasonable” “oppressive” reaction to it, be received as the cause – not the effect – of their victimization and motivation for their separation.

Likewise, and a case in point, is that we are to read that their worldly “success” is borne of their distinctness and uniqueness and that their solidarity is a legacy of their “oppression,” not that the actual nature of their “unique and distinct” imperative is of a manipulative and oppressive bent.

Given their doctrine is they are already perfect and we are already imperfect, the thrust of the Jews’ “unique and distinct” imperative is not directed inwardly to so as to improve themselves and perhaps lift others but outwardly to menacingly alter the rest of the world. The reaction is to impose and oppress and not to give and improve.

They would have us receive that the rationalization for their excesses is that retribution is validated by victimhood, although they expect gentiles to not affirm or to forget when they are victims. Hypocrisy.

This is why the “Holocaust” must be the greatest crime, so that the Jews can, without contention, be the greatest victims. No hypocrisy.

The oppressor, by definition, is vindictive and irrational; the victim, by definition, is helpless and powerless. If they are victims they cannot be oppressors. Under this dialectic they can blame us but we cannot blame them, although it may be 180 degrees separate from the truth.

Therefore, as they surreptitiously work on their diabolical program, they can defend themselves and especially the program by conflating attacks against it with attacks against them as a unique, natural-born, highly victimized people.

In order to nullify another’s ideas and actions that have those ideas as a basis, you don’t need to have one fully doubt just plausibly doubt. With either the doubter is removed from the game.

Many, many people are such that, though against you now, will be on your side when you are winning. In either case, don’t expect them in the fight.

You do not need to comprehend what the Jewish yoke actually is, to fathom that it gets removed with the Jews themselves. [removal, not genocide implied]

When the article is rent, filthy and stained, throw it out.

Our problems originated here on earth; they are solvable here on earth.

We are not going to defeat the Jew trying to best him at what he does best, that is, be a wolf in sheep’s clothing (deceiver); we will defeat him by doing what we do best. If there is no truth in them, then they obviously have “no truth” locked up. Our strength, perhaps, lies in being true.

They attack our strengths first and always so that everything else might go crumbling down with them.

Make no room for inconsistencies or allow for things that are not fully disclosed. It is easy to ascertain that where these things exist it is more likely that the costs and not the benefits remain undisclosed.

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I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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1 Response to The Solution

  1. Gere Stokoe says:

    The solution is to Expose the sell out of both parties to the Banksters following is a flier on this:

    Fascism/Communism – both Totalitatian
    Restore Our Constitution! Restore Our Liberties!
    Expose International Banker’s NWO Bilderberg Agenda
    Google: “CFR,TC,Bilderberg”
    To preserve our liberties and our Constitution; the enemies within our republic must be exposed. If you do not know your enemy ;
    How can you effectively fight the enemy?
    The International Banker’s Globalist/NWO agenda is the greatest threat to our future liberty and prosperity. Both parties have sold America out to the International Banker’s NWO agenda
    Our Republic and our Constitution is at stake!

    “An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal attack” –
    Richard Gardner , Ambassador to Italy – quoted in (CFR)Foreign Affairs, April, 1974

    Zbigniew Brzezinski formed Trilateral Commission for David Rockefeller in 1973, and Jimmy Carter was made a founding member. Jimmy Carter became President, & ZB was installed as Carter’s National Security Adviser. ZB took off where CFR/Trilat/Bilderberger/ Republican, Henry Kissinger, left off.
    “Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner passive man and a victory of reason over belief… and has served to stir the mind and to mobilize human energies purposefully ”- Zbigniew Brzezinski – ‘Between Two Ages’ 1970 (p.72) Referring to the rivalry between the USSR and the United States – “The eventual outcome of the competition is however, foreordained, given the inherent superiority of the communist system.” – ZB ‘Between Two Ages’ 1970 (pp.146,147)
    “This system to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.” – Insider, Professor Carroll Quigley – ‘Tragedy and Hope’,( p. 324)
    “The Federal Reserve (privately owned banks) are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known.” – Senator Louis T. McFadden (22 years on the U.S. Banking & Currency Commission) – Google : Louis T. McFadden, Congressional Record, Fed exposes
    Great book on CFR/NWO agenda – ‘Descent into Slavery’ by Des Griffin at Amazon
    WAKE UP- Both parties have been partners in the Int’l Bankers NWO Agenda:
    Both parties have put America in debt $12.9 Trillion to the Parasites
    The owned media, including Fox, and party “leaderships” will continue the scam
    MSM & bought “leaders” will direct attention away from The FED and the banksters
    They will try to ignore or smear all who would expose the subversion.
    Expose CFR/TC/Bilderberg Agenda – Please Copy & Share

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