Population and Immigration

There is a great deal of hysteria concerning global population explosion and the problems associated with it. What is never discussed is that the cause is Asia, Africa and South America. Americans are told that they need to accommodate and adjust: they need to adjust their beliefs, culture, sensibilities, tastes and aesthetics; they need to abandon their land, legacy and heritage. The thing is, they aren’t the ones causing the problem. It is being manipulated from THEY are the problem to YOU are the problem.

There is a fact in this country that is so obvious that it is amazing that it is ignored. That is: immigration. Very few people in this country regardless of their race and/or cultural heritage wish for mass immigration, illegal or legal. Even people who are recent immigrants do not want any more immigrants. The desire for separation/insulation has been an outstanding characteristic of America, particularly old-stock Americans, ever since colonial times. It is a total, bald-faced lie to say otherwise. That legal and illegal mass immigration occur without abatement over the decades speaks the fact that democracy is not nor has been occurring in this country for at least as long; it is also indicative of the fact that old-stock Americans are not the ones operating against the general will of the American citizenry at large.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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