“Federal Reserve” Essay

Brief note: I have take the liberty (that I still have) to not capitalize that which is conventionally capitalized for the reason they do not merit the distinction, save for the the terms “Federal Reserve” and the “Fed,” because it is, really, the big cheese. As well, the narrative herein is from the empirical perspective of one critically examining the “Fed” or “cabal” who is not imbued with the false economic theories or politically-not-necessarily-correct dogma, therefore it is written as a direct polemical assault on something that is entirely ridiculous, which it is, brothers. Lastly, I owe credits to certain sources of information (who surely desreve sourcing) which, at present, are omitted for reasons of time. They are now mentioned in the paragraph below.

Harmony Grant Daws from National Prayer Network (truthtellers.org) had an excellent compact essay on the sequence of wars instigated by the Jews for profit. I failed to bookmark the page and can’t seem to locate it at this time on the Truthtellers website. The economics material comes from sources such as Eustace Mullins’ Secrets of the Federal Reserve and Ellen Brown’s Web of Debt. I didn’t take any direct quotations or notions or ideas mentioned exclusively in either one of the their works, however. Their work is emblematic of several dozens of articles I have read on the subject. All of the economic subject matter was already assembled in my mind and was simply put down on the screen when I composed the essay.

All rights reserved. Customary fair use notices apply.


The Federal Reserve

The First National Bank of the United States was in existence from 1791 to 1811, whose charter was allowed to lapse by James Madison after which The War of 1812 was waged by England on behalf of Nathan Meyer Rothschild.

The debt accumulated from The War of 1812 opened the way for the establishment of a Second National Bank whose charter was not renewed by Andrew Jackson. An assassination was attempted the very same month.

European banking interests worked to divide the economic and incipient social differences between Northern and Southern states that ultimately condensed around continuance of tariffs on European imports by the North and disfavor for their continuation by the South, the culminating raison d’être for the Civil War. England, France and Spain mobilized to aid the Confederacy at which point, after a plead for assistance from the newly-elected Lincoln, the Russian Tsar anchored fleets in New York and San Francisco harbors keeping the naval powers at bay.

With the cabal charging exorbitant rates financing both sides of the war, Lincoln issued interest-free greenbacks, which helped the Union to eventually win. Five days after the end of the war Lincoln was assassinated.

During reconstruction, Jewish carpetbaggers descended on poor farmers, obtaining property and substance by proffering money against future crop yields for agricultural supplies at exorbitant interest rates.

Retribution against the Tsar for aiding the Union was exercised when Trotskyites, funded by Wall Street Jewish financier Jacob Schiff, assassinated the Romanovs in the Red Revolution, a takeover of the popular White Revolution. A majority of the first cadre of Soviet commissars came from the Lower East Side of New York City.

London and New York financiers at Jeckyll Island, Georgia secretly planned the third national bank, the “Federal Reserve,” hereafter the “Fed.” The bill authorizing it was passed two days before Christmas, with troves of senate representatives absent. Pressured by cabal financial backers, President Wilson signed it that same day.

World War I immediately ensued, with cabal agents blackmailing Wilson over an affair with a Princeton colleague’s wife. World War II followed, a direct result of WWI’s Treaty of Versailles, which was stacked with avaricious and scheming cabal members that burdened Germany to an outlandish extent. The war’s culminating cause was Churchill’s un-asked-for unconditional backing of Poland’s insouciant stance over the negotiated relinquishment of the historical German, and majority German-populated province of Danzig.

The English prime minister felt secure in backing Poland’s undiplomatic maneuvers for the reason that cabal members secretly met with him with the guarantee that if a war were to occur they would get the United States involved.

Danzig itself was a single emblematic prong of the cabal’s oppression of Germany by virtue of Germany’s upstanding approach in matters involving moral and religious apostasy, a legacy of Lutheranism.

The international banking cabal has been the cause of most – and has profited from all – wars in the Western world for many centuries.

President Kennedy, awakened to the machinations of the cabal delivered his secret societies speech, endeavored to stop Israeli nuclear technology development, and planned to issue interest free currency. He was assassinated in 1963.

The cabal not only fomented discord in the United States and dictatorship and genocide in the Soviet Union, but also waged wars and engineered overthrows against many other countries unaligned with or otherwise not fully used up by it through their control of these two powers.


The “Federal Reserve,” the cabal’s current bank central bank in the United States, has a federally authorized monopoly on money printing.

This is illegal. Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution reads, “The Congress shall have the power to coin [originate – a verb] money, [and] regulate the value thereof.” For the last 96 years the “Fed” has been originating money (although only dollar bills and not coin!) and regulating its value. The essential nature of the “Fed,” as well as money itself, is never openly discussed in political, media or business circles.

Not “Federal,” nor a “Reserve,” the Federal Reserve” is a private corporation whose shares are owned by global US-based banks. Domestic and foreign shareholders own shares of the global banks. Dynastic “banking families” own a majority of the shares in these banks.

Congress has no true oversight of the “Fed;” rather the “Fed” has control of the US economy despite the Congress. This is out in the open, a common cabal modus operandi, for the “Fed” states that one of its most valuable characteristics is independence from political whims.

A current example of this reality are current thwarted attempts to audit the “Fed,” and congressionally rubber stamped massive bailouts brought about by completely brazen financial activities (known and planned) amongst “Fed” member banks and crony corporations.

If there is anything federal about the “reserve” is that it has, as previously mentioned, a federal monopoly charter and the seven-member board of governors, which includes the chairman, is appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate. The terms of these appointments are longer than for the elected officials.

What may be said to be a reserve about the “Fed” is that it has the sanction to create money out of nothing. It does not necessarily hold anything of value in the reserve. Whatever it does hold belongs to its owner – the major shareholding banks and their owners, and not the United States.

What the “Fed” does hold are US Treasury bonds and notes payable to bondholders. Said another way, it holds the debt of the people of the United States. The bonds and notes translate into taxes in the future; which translate into labor in the future, all insured by the force of the political power system. The people did not vote for this and they never did, nor have they ever voted to sustain it.

Dollars are really tiny pieces of Federal Reserve – read: “Federal Reserve Note” – debt. It is not the “Fed’s” debt, however, dear reader, it is yours. The value of the dollar is your labor, dear reader, plus interest.

The insurance (or bond) is your ignorance and/or willingness to toil in fear under this oppression with plenty of help by violent physical or psychological forces unleashed by the powers that be wherever and whenever they perceive a crack, which is, essentially, constantly.

The three monetary powers the “Fed” wields are 1) the power to change the reserve requirement for banks 2) open market operations – the ability to buy and sell US government bonds, and 3) changes in the discount rate – the rate at which banks borrow short term funds from it.

Although each of these powers is clearly subject to exploitation (as if we were to assume that in the first instance they aren’t exploitative), the biggest gun by far is open market operations. “Fed” open market operations are the cause of every cent of America’s $13 trillion deficit – every cent of it.

The US dollar has been off any kind of standard for the value of money since 1973, the year the US government came off the gold standard. Any printed notes do not have anything backing them.

Save for the trick.

The trick is this: that option A, money notes printed for free are somehow less workable and sustainable than option B, money notes printed with interest along with a centralized economic management dog and pony show. Option B, the interest option, comes attached with a retinue of banking lords proffering central regulation of such things as interest rates and money flow to ostensibly avoid panics and the detriments of business cycles (were one to assume that in many cases they are not in many cases artificially caused).

It takes an ocean of controlled media backing as well as politicians, professionals and “working” people looking the other way to make this happen. The writer will not dissertate here on the prevalent historical factuality of mass psychosis. Both option A and B require that you be convinced as to their security.

An irony wrapped in an enigma, eh? It should be an easy choice.

Note: this writer does not necessarily believe that currency must be backed by gold or silver or anything else. All money is ultimately stored to provision for labor in any of it manifestations. A fair value of money is labor itself.

How does the “Fed” function?

Simply stated, Americans pay the privately held reserve bank interest and principal for printed paper (dollars) for which the Fed in turn pays the US Treasury printing facility a nominal sum. Yes, but what about the Chinese?

The mechanics are thus:

When there are no foreign buyers of US debt instruments, the “Fed” creates new money out of thin air to pay for loans to the US Treasury. Whoever buys the debt, the “Fed,” a domestic industrial or insurance company or foreign government, the crediting transaction takes place only within an account of one of the “Federal Reserve’s” member banks (crediting it).

If the Fed issues debt to the US Treasury where there is no market, the “Fed” and its member banks acquire super-secure and -liquid treasury bill principal and interest along with multiples of money based on nothing. In the case where there is another buyer, the member banks still receive the same money. In each instance all the law is against people who owe money in cases of default. For this great tribute they do not do anything, and they certainly do nothing of value.

This money (money from nothing in the case of “Fed” purchases) increases the banks deposits, which is the same thing as increasing its reserves. The amount of money the member bank is able to loan is several multiples of what it must hold in reserve. If the increase in deposits is $1 billion and the reserve requirement is 10%, then the bank can lend $9 billion. Take note that the $9 billion did not exist and in cases where the “Fed” made the purchase the amount is $10 billion. Also take note that the bank asks for interest on top. Take note once again that this borrowing is the only way new money enters the economy.

Additionally, as a “Federal Reserve” shareholding bank, the bank gets dividends from money paid back to it from the federal government. Formerly included in these monies the federal government pays back to the “Fed” from “Fed”-originated money were principal and interest now the “Fed” reimburses the smaller interest portion.

Did you ever wonder how the world’s most productive economy could have a $13 trillion debt, or how, indeed, most countries of the world are heavily in debt?

The answer is that the “Fed” is not an agency of the federal government or an agency for the good of the people. It is an agent of its owners. Its owners are not us.


The “Fed” leadership’s purported value proposition is it’s analysis skill st for evaluating macroeconomic conditions on the basis of economic theories that are not necessarily real whatsoever, particularly in that classical economic understandings about the economy do not have anything to do whatsoever with any such “solution” as the “Fed.” They offer sails in a storm – sails to Armageddon.

The particular economic theories backing these ostentatious activities will be covered in a forthcoming revision in greater detail, suffice if to say that neoclassical economics views the interest the rate as the core regulating factor in the economy; that Monetarism is a rationale for the “Fed’s” existence for the reason that it expounds the importance of price stability, and that Keynesianism is a rationale to spend money, even if it is not held or forseeably held, for the reason of smoothing out “business cycles” and relegating saving and reality (if that is what we are in) to the future.


If the “Fed” does nothing and the money it prints is backed by nothing, what, then, is the value in this money?

Let me first say that the power behind the value of the dollar, as with so many other things, is a law, and forces, such as police, armies, imprisonments and death, back laws.

The value is the labor the American people accomplish in exchange for acceptance of this printed money (to engage in further commerce) created from thin air and at interest.

They pay interest for personal and business loans from “Federal Reserve” member banks and for loans by these banks to the US government that they in turn pay for in the form of taxes that cover debt servicing that, again, the government could simply print and not borrow.

Money is needed for trade. Forget all of the “fancy” theories for a moment. Not one of them has any predictive capability. (Do they? If they do, please tell me.) They are false and wrong but still delivered to your brain without reticence, embarrassment or discomfiture. Money, as a medium, should be free, plain and simple (else we are indebted at birth, as we now are).

Implicitly underlying the proposition that it should cost something is that the value or the money-originating function, prima facie, is greater than the value of actual things that money is really valued for – and that is, really, all other things besides money.

The value of goods and services and, directly thereby, the labor to provide them should give money value and nothing else; anything else is a misallocation. In fact it actually IS the only thing that actually does give money its value. To allocate value to a false presupposition concerning the value of lending is an obstinate misallocation (speaking in generously-cut terms). Misallocations are imbalances and imbalances cannot be sustained.

This is not all, however: the American people for the market-intrinsic devaluation of the face value of money (called inflation) due to the increase in circulation of paper dollars in the economy (called and increase in the money supply).


Debt money is a payment obligation (debt) upheld by the force of law from the outset—and by design. The value of the US dollar is something that is regulated and the Federal Reserve holds the power of that function in this country.

Its value is future labor (an actual or true value) the American people continually agree to perform in order to obtain a stream of paper money for trade, historically recycling a larger and larger share of their incomes to pay back into this system.

(–Wait, you may say, the top tax rate used to be 96%. 96% is greater than 39%. True, but costs are being put “off books,” think $13 trillion, by postponing them to the future. The costs are still there, they are just deferred. The net present tax cost would have to be something like the last basis period where we had no debt (the Andrew Jackson era) plus increases in expenditures above that level along with balance of trade adjustments and adjustments to account for changes in real value, like the durability of things produced or “external” costs such as health and environmental degradations or improvements.

Note, the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy was sacked by the burden of these incredibly high tax rates, along with Wall Street market manipulations, and exclusion from access to the financial cabal’s stratagems, most notably, those involving the “Federal Reserve” itself. Tax rates decreased when the Jews finally held most non-labor income producing assets – capital.)

We cannot escape from this system except by not using money—but not even then because the system demands taxes for property, life and death. The net result is that we pay for the opportunity to labor for our income at interest as opposed to laboring and not paying anything extra to do so.

Above, right there is the disincentive to not work and produce. Production costs money due to the fact that money costs money when money shouldn’t cost anything at all.

Moth, rust, cheaters and thieves doth bring forth enough costs in commerce and trade. Add in unnecessary interest (redundant) and the demand for labor/(production) in the labor/(production) market goes down because the costs to of participating in it go up.

Countervailing this tendency is the demand by government that citizenry must pay fees, fines and taxes in life or death under penalty of law. The requirement to pay for one thing with another increases the demand for the latter, which in turn increases the value of it. More people will work who otherwise wouldn’t to keep from being ground by the system. Those without wealth are damaged on so many sides by this chicanery while those with it are increased on so many sides (at least in this world).

Because the increase in “money” loaned by of via the “Federal Reserve” is not enough to cover interest installments, due to the fact that all that is loaned is principal, it is a complete certainty that some needs will not be covered in the system, causing yet the demand for more (loaned) money.

Increasing debt and increasing interest payments are a morbid analogy of musical chairs. The analogy above does not quite fit right, however.

The foregoing is a better fit: The “Federal Reserve” printed specie-for-debt system is like getting a glass of whiskey on credit from the only bartender in town, where it costs more each time you get one and where each time you visit the bartender has topped up the bottle of whiskey to the same level as before.

Above, the increased cost is due to inflation that is in turn due to the decreased value of money by circumstance of greater circulation of money due to the credit. The topping off of the whiskey bottle is the deferred (hidden) and completely unnecessary interest costs appended to the costs of the bar, the whiskey, and the road to get there, for which each must pay that much more in taxes and therefore accomplish that much more in labor. Note that all of these things happened with interest. They happened, yea, and they could have happened without interest just as well. Do you suppose?

The all-seeing eye does not share plans with the bricks below it; it simply dictates orders and each silo does not necessarily know the master plan or the reasons for it. The base of the pyramid carries the weight, and despite work to uphold life and society, it is the first to part sink into the ground: and with this system, it can’t help but do so.

The money system we have is called a fiat money system. Fiat means FORCE. The value of the money is maintained by enforcing the entirety of the financial and legal system we currently entertain, including the fact that the government enforces that the Federal Reserve Bills (dollars) are legal tender—people have to use the Federal Reserve bank notes (loans)–and the money system–under penalty of law.

The multitude, including many in high leadership positions, do not know or understand what is going on because the perfidy of this scheme is beyond them– It doesn’t make sense, but it “works,” or at least it has existed and we are not all dead yet. In the final analysis, this whole system is the trading of real assets for nothing, or less than nothing due to the adverse manipulations the banks engage in in non-strictly-financial spheres.

Because it takes real labor (value, things) to pay for assets and the access to money that people labor for in order to obtain goods all comes at interest, the money supply of which is insufficient to cover—it turns out that the assets (goods) people work for intrinsically require interest and, as a whole are secured to the banks.

Sans a payoff of the principle borrowed, which is impossible, the banks own everything and it is as if we are renting everything we ever “obtain” from them.

Central and fractional reserve banking is the most profitable enterprise the world has ever comprehended: shareholders of these banks via the fed get massive quantities of free money at interest with which they buy assets that cumulatively took hundreds of years of hard toil to earn. This money gets co-conspirators or dupes that are – in the first case implicitly and in the next elusively – on board with their programs–programs that are decidedly un-American. This is why the financial elite in this country do not quite look like or sound like the financial elite of 100 years ago; the old Anglo-Saxon establishment built up their power and wealth creating real things that had real value all while retaining a genuine belief in the principles backing honest trade and production.

Look what is happening: the financial elite are running this country into debt without qualms; they abuse the military; they abuse American culture with media production that does not retain an ounce of authentic American ideas, ideals or aesthetics; they are perfectly willing to flood the land to foreigners and, indeed, accomplish anything that is inimical to America the Great. This was at one time enough to say, “No.” Not even that, but, “Hell No.”

There are a few left to say no to Hell, because, my friends, that is what is going on.

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