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(May 10th, 2010)

Censors don’t want to sensor what is bad for you, they want to sensor what is bad for them.

That for which you give and receive nothing in return is slavery.

People are so wrapped up in the practical -*what is going on*- that they do not see what is going on.

There is all this talk of the worldwide population crisis but it is not our people that are the problem. They are being asked, however, to aid in population-generated pressures and problems throughout the world while at the same time being asked to sacrifice here at home.

Whites are the only group you will ever find who adapt children of different nationalities. You will never see Jews, blacks, hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, near-eastern groups  – no other nationality around the world adapts children from other racial groups to any significant degree whatsoever, yet they most of them have the gall to somehow consider Whites more racist than themselves.

If you have lived long enough, which doesn’t need to be too long, ask yourself if you have ever seen a Jew, black, hispanic, or near- or far Easterner with an adapted White child (or, indeed, one of any race but their own). Ask yourself how many times you have seen the reverse.

(May 9th, 2010)

Some suggested names for the shadow government’s political public front.







The power media isn’t going to validate anything. The media, ultimately, is the goose that lays the Jewish golden egg and they will do anything before they give that up; which is to say, they will not. It will have to taken by force.

White liberals, does it make sense to be egalitarian to the point of your extinction, particularly when you are finer samples of humanity than those who you continually rescue from the consequences of their foibles?

Antisemitim is defined as extreme revulsion to Jewish behaviors, customs, aesthetics and culture.

Judaism is not a religion of the Jews. It is a “religion” about the Jews. The Jews themselves are the locus of their faith. That is why the “religion” is named Judaism. If the locus of their faith were God, their religion would be called Christianity.

The trick of their power is they slyly sell you all the things that kill you – debts, big government, conventional medicine, alcohol, pornography, excess and drugs.

“Federal Reserve” essay: almost done

(June 8th, 2010)

The value of your life increases infinitely against your willingness to give it.

No policy that affects the people of this country should be off limits for discussion by the people this country.

It is security that sets us to sleep.

To those checking up – I am still not done with my “Federal Reserve” essay, and I apologize. I am now trying to rearrange it and eliminate redundant information. Thanks for your patience!

(June 5th, 2010)

We can either get rid of the Jews or get rid of Christianity and our American traditions. That is the choice.

As to the the practical application of this idea I recommend peacefully moving them to a specified decent place where they can live, hopefully fruitfully, without meddling in the affairs of non-Jews. I do not recommend killing Jews, one reason being the first commandment is “Thou shalt not kill.” Killing them would defile those seeking freedom before God, however well the act could be rationalized.

In NWO new age thought, promulgated is the false notion that people and nations must become one through mass homogenization. But this is not the correct interpretation if the Bible, contemporary and history and historical times vis a vis good outcomes. The Bible supports the uniqueness of nations and peoples and families. God does not want an undifferentiated mass to worship him; he does, nonetheless want to be worshipped, and deservingly so. The Rothschilds and Zionism, by promulgating NWO new age “oneness” is denaturing humanity, uniqueness and authentic desire. The proof in the pudding is that the Zionist Rothschild NWO is promulgating it – it therefore cannot be good.

It was the family plan of the Rothschilds 200 years ago to take over the world. It is the ultimate audacity to see David de Rothschild, in one picture, prone like Jesus on a pile of sanitized plastic bottles set for recycling in one of his environmental promos to “rally” for the elimination of plastic garbage in the oceans. If David de Rothschild wanted to eliminate plastic pollution, he could just about order it done and it would be done. Waiting for it to get worse and using the doubts of peoples minds, the young Rothschild (RothsCHILD) is a oh-so-willing participant in the Rothschild plan: that a CHILD shall lead them. The Rothschild family crest is, of course, 666. Lest it go unsaid…

(June 3rd, 2010)

The following are re-arrangements of comments I posted on Mantiq al-Tayr yesterday

Does not carmel-colored David de Rothschild look like the optimistic carmel-colored authoritarian Burger King king, copyright Burger King, corporate headquarters Rothschildland?

To embrace David de Rothschild, the fourth estate of the Rothschild dynasty and youthful self-appointed savior of the oceans from garbage and the Earth from warming, apparently completely naive of extreme damage wrought by prior three Rothschild generations, requires all to ignore said family’s 250-year gonocidal, warmongering legacy.

Does the Massachusetts pro football team’s insignia look precisely like the profile of prominent senator and former presidential candidate hailing from the same state, John Kerry, and not quite like a patriot of blue blooded American stock? The owner of the New England Patriots is one Bob Kraft, who wears a pink tie to make himself look WASPY, although he is not one, to be sure.

There is no doubt we have a massive criminal world conspiracy. Evidence is legion. We need no more evidence. Vengeance is the Lord’s, yes. The perpetuators, however, should be dealt with in at least the same way we deal with any other criminals. It may be said that criminal elements have a definite level of ineradicability and therefore people ought to simply live the best they can within this framework. Of course poeple ought to live as best they can, period. If we, however will go through the trouble of apprehending small-time criminals, punishing them to the greatest extent of the law, ought not we do the same for the infinitely greater criminals who also have some cause in the depraved condition of the poor and indebted pool of people out of which come small-time criminals which also harry the rest of us while leaving the big-timers unscathed?

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Look then first for the sheep.

(June 1st, 2010)

It is the fear of death that keeps you from living.

In the course of human activity two institutions operate as cardinal authorities and arbiters with the urgencies of life and death, religions and cults. Religions seek truth and God. Cults seek to make a system, ideology or methodology a reality by imposing it on the real reality. Judaism is a cult.

Those that do not have life take the colors and music borne of the essence of life as symbols and transposition them as the reality. It is an attempt to seize or control life instead of being in it or sharing it.

The basis of all wealth is physical labor. It simply cannot be anything else.

“A People That Shall Dwell Apart” aren’t a people that shall dwell apart. It would be nice if they were. Instead they insinuate themselves on the situations of other’s and draw from their substance without consideration or care.

You cannot defeat someone who will not be defeated.

Dear readers: My “Federal Reserve” essay is still in the works. Later this week.

(May 29th, 2010)

To those checking in to see if my Federal Reserve essay is posted: I am still refining it. Apologies. It is going to be digestible. I want to make it good.

If you are wondering why thus world is so viscous and mean, you are looking into the black heart of Judea. It is so obvious as to defy description. It is such an absolute tyrrany that you aren’t allowed to say it.

Nationality and nations are the corollary of non-intervention and peace.

They have brazeness but no bravery

Zealous to send your children off to war but not for themselves or their families to fight or even sacrifice.

They wear their cunning and treachery as a badge of honor

They judge you but they don’t judge themselves

They keep the conversation on your errors but away from their misdeeds.

They revel in hurting you

They gladly send you to your death.

The governent is not the nation.

It is not going without notice that Jews control all media throughout the world. It may be they are exceptionally good at making movies; they are, however, exceptionally bad at making Christmas movies.

Question: Why does Gabriel say to Mary that Jesus will rule over the house of Jacob and not, say, of the house of Abraham or Isaac?

(May 27th, 2010)

My essay on the so-called “Federal,” so-called “Reserve” is nearing completion.

The Jews neo-liberals, neo-conservatives, Zionists and their sycophants ask first, is it good for Israel? Patriots ask first, is it good for America.

Use of Hebrew names among the Europeans in the past even though they openly detested the Jews is a testament to the fact that they viewed the Church as the definite continuation of God’s will for his people, the Christians. That is why there was no contradiction in using Hebrew names while at the same time being anti-Jewish.

The great game is not about your well being and security, it is about their supremacy and control.

Jesus was talking to the Jews. They are under the same judgments as all of us, if not more.

The basic dramatic story of the New Testament is of Jesus confronting the Jews.

We waste our time arguing whether the Jews control Hollywood, run all the banks and own all the newspapers and television stations. We know this is true. The question is, what to do now? The object of the ownership is to manipulate and control. It is not benevolent. If it were, they would share positions of power; furthermore, we can see that is so because they debase that which is most sacred to us: God and family.

No part of the Bible is against racial identification. It is never a bad thing. It always simply is.

(May 26th, 2010)

Updated, About:

I am interested in America. The land, the people and culture. Not the government. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the American government and the so-called “elite.”

We must take control of our own language and dialogue and speak in our own terms. There is no sense in trying to win over those who are against us.

People are moved by their feelings, not by facts. We have the facts.

The facts indicate that our country, our nation and our heritage – yea, even Christianity – are being systematically dismantled before our eyes, recklessly and carelessly.

In protesting this, we regurgitate facts in vain efforts to regain the comfort and sanctity of our homeland, one which many of our fathers fought and died for; one which many of our mothers patiently sacrificed for, one in which we used to simply say, “Heck no, that will never happen here. This is America.”

The magnitude of this reality is so great that the great tree is going to have to fall. If you are against truth the only thing you can do is ignore it. Many in power and those who steer from controversy and sacrifice solely to increase their personal comfort are blithely acting as if this is not the land of a great Nation, wrought from blood and all manner of sacrifice. To those who are living life carelessly with this paradigm while the soul and substance of your country is being torn asunder…

if you are not with us now, you will not be with us then.

Note: The American nation is not one race, it is however not necessarily non-racially aware. That is what is being attempted now. If you do not have the freedom to reside in the identity of your heritage, then you certainly aren’t free. Should, say, those of German stock become oppressed, it is to be presumed that no one can speak for those of German stock like those of German stock.

The media wizards have dictated that threats to security from the traditional red-blooded American straw man are the greatest.

(excuse me: Whoa!)

The greatest threat is posed by those who will not allow people to be free, but indicates exactly which kind of life and behavior people will have, including the acceptance of certain people as more superior than others and the shedding of blood for innocent brothers at home and abroad at the whim and pleasure of the few.

Most people love the traditions of this country. Seeking a return to tradition and our common-sense heritage is not at all subversion, it is rather a matter of making people aware of how their ideas and wants have been subverted like a thief in the night yet in the open daylight. We need to affirm ourselves. We need to affirm our rights. We need to affirm our place.

You can only be fearless if there IS nothing to fear.

The most detestable things in nature are when groups gang up on individuals. The most graceful thing in nature is an individual against much.

Jesus was betrayed with money.

It is not expedient that one group be happy and another miserable. It is better they separate. The Jews wish to be among us but not as cooperative equals: their just-below the-surface proclivity for wishing to be apart is maintained to throw off the scent of gentiles discovering this. Their “choseness” is the other pincer of the ontology of their tyranny. They desire to use us as slaves with their schemes and to luxuriate in their own conceit and aesthetic at our expense.

People make decisions on emotions. If you wish to influence somebody, you will not do it with facts.

The Jews have gone from being a peculiar people to a perverse one.

Certain churches in this world may have power but Christianity has zero power.

Jesus went into the synagogues to teach. He went into the wilderness to pray.

When a dictator wishes control the mob, he starves it.

You must come around to the fact that our free press is controlled by Jews – completely. How do you suppose you will communicate? How will you know what is going on? It happened in Russia. It happened in Ukraine. It happened in Armenia. It happened in Africa. It happened in hiroshima and nagasaki. It happened on 911, and it is happening NOW!

(May 24th, 2010)

New organizations that must be begun:

The American American Public Affairs Committee  – The world’s foremost organization lobbying for American interests in America and for God’s chosen religion, Christianity.

The Israel American Public Affairs Committee – The foremost organization pushing American interests on the illigitimate nation of Israel.

Congress is not the kingdom but the court – of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers

One cannot be a patriot and a Zionist…unless one is being patriotic about Israel

The myth is they are chosen, perhaps necessary, even indispensable; the reality is they need us and are incredibly insecure about losing our cooperation in yielding to them the fruit of our labors.

If you are ignorant, pretending to be ignorant, feigning to God you are ignorant, or are trying to remain ignorant that will not save you. Judgment may be moderated by God in the first instance but this will not save you from men.

There are two political positions acceptable to congress, communism and fascism. Ironically, the communists must accept inequality and the fascists must accept mass immigration.

Is communism fair? No. That is why they proffer communism on a starving people. Their capabilities are such they can accomplish this in lands of plenty.

The myth is that the Jews are educated, cultivated, and contributory. The reality is they are unwise according to God, barbaric, and parasitic.

(May 23rd, 2010)

Calling Soertero a traitor is highly innacurate. He is not a US citizen. It would be more accurate to call him an enemy.

I am not sure if the Gulf oil disaster was accomplished on purpose, although we do know that BP conspired with the federal government to sidestep proper anti-catastrophe measures.

This article, here (, posits that it was done on purpose to further their nebulous evil goals.

I would posit that it may have specifically been accomplished, or not properly remediated (they cynically use every event to their advantage whether they cause it or not), to disable the Southland’s self-sufficiency before the coming tyranny from which the Southland will certainly rebel given its culture and heritage.

If I were anti-Semitic, I would be against Jesus and John the Baptist. What I am is anti-Jew. It is not racist to be anti-Jew; Jews are comprised of many races. I am anti-Jew for the reason of their diabolical, conspiratorial perfidy against anything that is true and good. Many, many quotes from the “Jews” themselves substantiate this.

The reason Jews do not perform manual labor is not for religious reasons. This one easily fools people. The non-performance of manual labor is cover (an excuse, an out) for the fact that they therefore “must” work in non-laboring occupations which is the only variety in which rapacious and sociopathic organization work affecting non-Jews can be accomplished.

The Jews are “a light unto the nations.” Yeah, I see the light.

Coming soon: an economical and to-the point essay on the so-called Federal Reserve (which is neither).

(May 22nd, 2010)

The holocaust is a post-war phenomenon

To have what you want, you’ve got to give what you’ve got.

You have all heard of the “terrible scourge” of national socialism. What we have in America right now is non-national socialism.

(May 21st, 2010)

Some random introductory quotes from allovertheplace

You are astute. The question though is, are you useful?

The more expensive money, the cheaper everything else must become.

We are left without our freedom, culture, or wealth. With this bargain, it seems we cannot lose one without losing all. If we want one back, we must get all back. They are not, after all, interdependent of one another.

Quality of life is joy, and joy is fulfillment, and fulfillment is that within harmonizing with that which is without.

I believe in that which is not impossible is possible and what is not completely impossible is completely possible.

There is no addressing non-real problems and expecting real solutions. If real problems are not accounted for in one’s solutions, then the real problems will not be solved.

Our enemies are working every second to undermine America. Accept that what you think you know may not be what actually is and that everything price you’ve paid has been for nothing. Better to let go of a lemon than to keep it.

About americanalliance

I am interested in America. The land, the people. There is a MAJOR disconnect between the American nation and the so-called "elite."
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