Fears, Hopes, Audacity and Repetition

Did you hear the one about the German Hollywood producer? Ha, ha! That’s the joke. Don’t you get it? What? It’s a joke because their aren’t any German Hollywood producers, only jewish ones. Yeah even though Thomas Edison invented the movie projector and the film industry, the jews have controlled it since the time they stole his invention in the early 1900’s.

Did you hear the one about the German Television producer? The German newspaper editor? Oh never mind…

The point is that Hollywood and media programming are just one among many examples of industries that were founded by White men but which are now controlled by jews.

Oh, you want another example?

How about the computer industry?



The two article above show that White men invented the integrated circuit and the means of feeding instructions through it. Now, however, jews entirely control the industry.

Marissa Meyer – Yahoo

Dell Computer – Michael Saul Dell

Microsoft – Bill Gates (http://judicial-inc-archive.blogspot.com/ – look it up; I’ll swear I saw it on the old Judicial)

Oracle – Larry Ellison

Apple – Arthur D Levinson

Google – Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin

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Not White Genocide – Really??

First “they” said the 1965 immigration act would not change the demographic makeup of the country.

Then “they” said whites would never become a minority.

Now, whites must be careful not to offend the interlopers, who brazenly commit crimes against us and offend our customs, due to reprecussions, even as many of them call for white genocide, without them.

All our supposed representatives on the right do is prevaricate and compromise as if ours is a trifling problem; on the left they now complain how white genocide in its many euphemisms, is not occurring quickly enough.

The Democrats used to be for white workers and black civil rights.

The Republicans used to be for the financial responsibility and regard for traditional social customs as embodied by the white country club set.

Now the Democrats are for gays, Mexicans, blacks and jews and the Republicans are for the same thing.

Anything to the right of the left is unapologetically unacceptable.

In a word, we have lost our country.




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izrali aid

If there were no jews in America then -naturally- the US government would not grant billions and billions of dollars annually to the apartheid ethnostate in the middle east.

israel gives aid money. Do you believe it? Who does it give it to?

Africa? No.

South America? No.

Who israel gives aid money to is to US political bureaucracies like the Republican and Democratic parties, the US Congress and administration, State congresses and governors, activist political organizations like the CFR, Heritage Foundation and Ford Foundation and, of course, exclusive  jewish ethnic advocacy organizations like the ADL and AIPAC.

US aid to israel comes back to the US. It is “aid” to the US political system and its politicians.

Anyone can claim that US “aid” money to israel is not coming back to the US in the form of grants to jewish activist organizations for the purpose of gerrymandering US politics, law and policy to favor jewry and israel, but it doesn’t matter where you pour the stew into the pot or where you take it out, more stew in means more stew out.

Same thing is occurring in just about every country to one extent or another.

It’s a little like when parents in denial give their bad, jaded and cynical drug addicted adult children money who in turn use it on hard drugs, wrecking society – the children can claim they are not using the grant money on drugs, but are using their own money.

Yes, of course….

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The Oligarchy is Baring its Teeth

The Israeli-Atlanticist oligarchy is shedding its woolen cover and baring its fangs over Trump because what Trump stands for is irreconcilably opposite what the oligarchy stands for. In doing so, it is revealing that it exists, and that it is nefarious. If the oliarchy is against Trump, then Trump IS good, because the oligarchy is irredeemably bad. If Trump gets into power it will derail the Israeli-Atlanticist oligarchy’s mission of using the West as a weapon against itself and other countries, destroying both, and leaving the what remains entirely for them.

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A Maxum

It is not enough to be right and have truth on our side. It matters not if we do not have real, solid, tangible POWER. If we are going to prevail we have to have it. To save ourselves and our country, we are going to have to be in control of it, no ifs, ands or buts.

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A Thing People Will Have To Come To Terms With

A reality that those who would be free absolutely must reckon with is the fact that the greater portion of what they consider reality is a contrived, engineered lie, yes even some of the most taken-for-granted beliefs of the Earth’s entire population. The “controllers” are lying to people in order to spiritually, mentally and physically steal from them. They do these things because they do not natively possess the faculties to accede to and prevail in any of these domains without doing so. No explanation should be required in proclaiming that problems cannot be solved if people are not actually confronting our real problems, and the real source of them.

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Happy Birthday President Putin!

May God bless you.

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